Thursday, August 16, 2007

Roadside Gyms and New Adjectives

It's been a busy few days with the Canadians, and I expect, will continue to be busy until their departure on Sunday. They're seriously cutting into my blogging time, but they are also helping me to discover fodder for blogging, so I reckon it will all work out. I met my deadlines yesterday, and so, today, I went shopping with them. Just to remind you: Canadians are born shoppers. It is WACK. So we all piled in the Johnny-Come-Lately mobile and headed out into this capital city, and surrounding suburbs.

We did some thrifting at the Red, White, and Blue in Hamilton, and then the Good Will in Ewing. Successful hauls at both locations. I asked B if she had ever been to the Salvation Army in the city; she hadn't. Granted, we are Johnnies-Come Lately, so we haven't been here that long, but B comes down three to four times a year, often for a week at a time. She knows her way around so well; she's even eyeing up the house next door to us, which is for sale.

So, we went to the Salvation Army, which was unfruitful, and uneventful, except for the mere fact that it was hot in that place, and the Canadians, being from Canada, are quite unaccustomed to the heat. They wither and suffer badly in these 90+ days with 100% humidity, but these particular Canadians didn't complain too much. HALLELUJAH! I can't stand to listen to people complain about the freakin' weather. We are all citizens of this great round planet, and there is weather here. We must cope.

We made a quick run up to Halo, and then got back on to Olden, to head back South to our joint. On our way down the hill, B took note of the sign at the Polish Food Market, Amber: "It's POLICIOUS!" It exclaims. We stopped and took pictures. We will go back this weekend, and I will, at some point, report back on "Polishiousness." Further down the hill, B commented on the first water tower: it changes "ownership" frequently. She noticed that it was in Polish control last summer; a Polish flag had been painted on it. When she was back earlier this year, we had noticed that the Russians had claimed the water tower, and marked it in a manner so the world would know it was now THEIR water tower. Today, B noticed control of the tower had fallen yet again into someone else's hands. "Who owns it now?" she asked, unable to make out that chaos in the spray paint. "I'm not sure, but I think it's possibly fallen into the Bloods' jurisdiction, now." Maybe someone can shed light on this? Or maybe I'll head up there with my spray paint and claim it for myself. It might be fun to possess a water tower, even if only for a short time. To quote our mayor, sorry, haters. God is not through with me yet.

We continued down into East Trenton, and we passed "Sy's Gym," just before East State Street. Glen and I are just thrilled with Sy's Gym, though we are not currently members. Glen passes Sy's each morning on his way to work, and sees Sy lifting weights. If you haven't been past it, the gym is located on a 6' x 4' front lawn of one of the rowhomes on Olden, before East State (heading south; it's just after East State if you're headed north on Olden). He's got a weight bench and some weights, and a few members and dude spotting each other. He has a sign out front, too, which is how we know it's a gym and not just some guy with weights out front. We love the fact that no one messes with Sy's gear. Even if Sy isn't around, the barbell is always perched properly on the rack above the bench. We love to have little gems like this in our neighborhood. I'm sure they're all over this city.

Tomorrow, more shopping, I imagine.

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