Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Things that don't happen anywhere else
except in Trenton

[Warning: there are a lot of swear words in this post. I personally don't have a problem with swearing; in fact, I enjoy it a lot. But I usually (not always) refrain in my own writing, because there are a host of words that are just as effective. The coarse language in this post is courtesy of some of my neighbors. I am quoting them directly.]

I was sitting on my porch after feeding Sophie, one of our more social strays. She may technically be feral, as she was never anyone's pet, and she was born outside late last summer. She's always been around our house, and is reasonably approachable and very cute (see how cute she is?). She finished her breakfast and sat in the grass along the side of our house to groom herself, and a young man walked by, singing a little song to himself, quite loudly:

Hey, yo!
I'm on da east side, yo
so don't fuck with me, yo
Cuz Ima gonna fuck you up, yo

Hey! Little kitty cat!
Yo a cute little kitty cat
But if I 'as a dog, yo
I'd bite yo ass, fuckin' kitty cat!

I love the stream of consciousness to his rhyme, and how little Sophie caught him completely off guard. But the "if I 'as a dog" business makes me uncomfortable, because there are a lot of people around here who walk their dogs without leashes. And the dogs are usually pit bulls. I have an elderly dog who enjoys our fenced-in backyard, and we have the cats that come around for chow, and I don't want anyone to get hurt.

I finished my coffee, and went down to weed my garden and heard a different voice from behind me, an angry woman:

Get THE FUCK over here!
Come ON, you asshole!
FUCK! Now!
Come NOW. NOW. COME. NOW!!!!!
Don't MAKE me come over there and get you.

I heard the distinctive click-clack of nails against asphalt that indicated a dog was coming. I expected to see a pit bull, but instead, a small, well-groomed, leashless pomeranian came running toward his mistress.

Let's go NOW, you little fuck!"
And keep it moving!

Poor thing.

Later, Glen was on the porch and he watched two guys approach with a leashless pit bull. The owner gestured to the dog to run up on several of our neighbor's porches. On one porch, the dog lost her footing and crashed into someone's front door and knocked over a plant. The guy simply whistled and kept the dog moving along. Glen called for me to come outside, stunned, and I got out in time to watch the guy swing his arm at one of our neighbor's chain-link fences, instructing the dog to jump at it. The dog leapt straight up. The guy swung his arm again, "Come on, girl! You can do it!" And the dog jumped the fence, and ran around in a yard that was not hers.

It made me feel sick to my stomach to watch that: an irresponsible human taking advantage of a dog's loyalty and desire to please her master. Nothing good is going to come of this...it's not just harmless fun with a pit bull and neighborhood full of people and kids and pomeranians and alley cats. My initial reaction was that this city should enforce its ordinances (the dog was without a leash...the dog pooped in the road and the owner didn't even look back...and I'd bet that dog is not licensed), but getting the city to enforce its ordinances ain't easy. But how much of this is the city's fault? We didn't see anyone say anything to those losers, except for a couple of drug dealers and other loudmouth Fifty-Cent wannabees who stopped to say hi to them in the street.


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