Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Welcome to Trenton!

Our population is 83,000+
...and decreasing every year, thanks to gang killings, low birth rates, and natural attrition!

Of that 83,000:
  • Conservatively, thousands of Trenton residents are incarcerated at any given time.
  • Thousands live below the poverty line, and thousands are disenfranchised for one reason or another. They're powerless to improve their lives and have been left to fend for themselves.
  • How many more are part of the criminal element?
  • How many more are just so disgusted they're waiting to save up enough money to move the hell out?
What's left is a small group of people who are committed to this city, many of whom were born here; many are Johnnys-Come-Lately. These people are working to make their neighborhoods better, but instead of getting the support of city officials and administrators, at best, they're ignored. But these days, they're threatened with lawsuits; their favorite community liaison officers are transferred to punish these concerned citizens for having opinions; they're pointed out by police when they call about drug activity.

What is that? Logically, it seems to me that there is -- or should be -- a lot of common ground between city officials and the small group of committed residents. Don't we want the same thing?

I thought so until recently, but it occurs to me that we -- the long-term and JCL-concerned citizens -- are the very people that the city's administration claims it is trying to attract to rejuvenate this city.


However, many politicians in this city are far more concerned with furthering their own political careers than they are interested in doing their jobs: that is, working with us to help improve the quality of life. I'm a concerned citizen of the Johnny-Come-Lately-variety, which means, I have lived in other places. While I can't speak for everyone outside of the city, I can't see how anyone out there, looking at the current state-of-affairs here, could even consider voting for a current Trenton politician who may, for instance, run for a regional or state-level position, when the only thing s/he could say for him/herself is: "Vote for me! While I was in office, Trenton's population decreased, but some violent crime increased. Businesses moved out or closed up shop on my watch! I kept the homeless and crazies in their places, and I didn't listen to any of those pesky concerned citizens!!"

Good luck with that.


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Mr. Clean said...

But crime is down, Down, DOWN!!!

In addition, the schools are state-of-the-art, safe, and filled with kids who are addicted to learning! What more would you expect for $14K per pupil year.

And hey, ya ingrate - what about Waterfront Park, Sovereign Bank Arena, and Marriott at Lafayette Yard, Maxine's (both of them), and T.R.Y. Chicken n Waffles?!?

On top of all this, how many Mayors can include on their resumes "Esquire Model?" Exactly!

Stop being such a hater!!!