Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Sunday Funny 9/30/07


pbaman said...

Chrissy, A very good post. The cartoon is funny. How do you think of them? The pictures you take are awesome.I enjoy your blog very much. pbaman

Chrissy said...

Hey pbaman! Thanks for your feedback! I usually don't have much trouble coming up with ideas for the cartoon each week. But each week, I do worry though: "what will I do this week?" or "oh, no, it's Thursday, and I don't have a cartoon idea yet." And like manna from heaven, someone on the city payroll (or in the city's back pocket) opens his or her mouth, and the result is glorious (for me). I just put his or her head on a macaw or a prophet or give 'em a fake phone to hold. I quote him or her, more or less verbatim, and blammo! Cartoon is done with very little effort on my part!

I also have a few "timeless" pieces on reserve in case of a slow news week.

Thanks again!