Monday, October 1, 2007

Happy Anniversary, Glen

We received tickets to see Random Horrible Thoughts About Love this weekend, four short playlets by David L. White, performed at the Mill Hill Playhouse. Glen and I went Sunday night, in celebration of our first wedding anniversary; Sunday was actually the day after our anniversary. But Saturday we were committed to visit with my parents, who were up from Chicken Shit, Maryland (read more about Chicken Shit, Maryland, in this post), and visiting with my sisters in Farmingdale (since, in general, my folks do not come to Trenton. Hi Mom! Hi Dad!).

Glen was a great sport, considering the family visit, like many family visits (no Mom, not just OUR family), can turn disastrous without much effort. But it was a nice visit, with some great food (chicken, and shrimp, and zucchini, and mushrooms, and really good cake from one of the local bakeries). No one left in a fit, either. Bonus! One niece and one nephew are very interested in my fancy camera, and everyone thinks I'm nuts for letting them use it, but I trust them, I really do. The last few times we've seen each other, they've been curious about long exposures, but they call those sorts of pictures the "on purpose blurry ones with not blurry parts," since their preferred long exposure style is with them sitting perfectly still, with a subject wagging a finger, or a tongue, and just having that one body part out of focus.

My brother-in-law Rich, lit up the chiminea/fire cage and we figured the light from the fire would make for great available light for our long exposures. My nephew, Aaron, 6, was very eager to see his picture, and immediately after hitting the shutter button, he'd quickly turn the camera down to see the image on the screen on the back of the camera; the whole time, the shutter was open. So he took some interesting pictures, anyway, even if he wasn't pleased with the results. In the one below, you can see faint images of Rich, my sister Jenny, and their youngest daughter, Emma.

My niece, Megan, 10, grew unimpressed with the whole nighttime available light business and quickly resorted to using the flash. Her father, Rich, was none too pleased with getting pounded by the flash, which, on that camera, is quite powerful.

After everyone was blinded, we went inside and watched a bit of the Yankees game, and then Glen and I headed home.

Anyway, back to Random Horrible Thoughts About Love. We went on Sunday, and it was very good, if not the most appropriate show for a first wedding anniversary, but then again, none of the weekend's activities were really the most appropriate for a first wedding anniversary. At least we were going out, alone, together. To the theater. Much to my shame, I haven't been to the Mill Hill Theater in a number of years; Glen had never been. If you haven't either, check it out: it's an intimate venue, with some great shows. We hope to attend more performances during this season.

Afterward, we debated where to eat. Ah, choices. We have too many, even in Trenton, with restaurants bailing out on us at record speed. We felt Amici's was appropriate for our anniversary, and started to head that way, but remembered my uncle and aunt will be visiting from the midwest in a few days* and we'll be taking them there very soon.** We really wanted fried chicken and mashed potatoes and biscuits, but knew that was completely unsuitable for a wedding anniversary dinner. So we opted for Chinese food, instead. And while it's nice to support city businesses, we are partial to a yummy Chinese sit-down in Yardville, Sun Lok Garden, so that's where we headed. And it was a nice way to wrap up a not-so-normal wedding anniversary weekend.


* My aunt and uncle spent many, many years in Lincoln, the capital of Nebraska. In honor of their visit, I hope to do another blog comparison between that capital city, and our own. They recently moved to Lawrence, Kansas, to be near my cousin, their only daughter. I went to Lawrence earlier this year, and believe the hype: it is an awesome, awesome city, even though it's not the capital of Kansas. I have no idea how a near-complete write-off of a state like Kansas*** wound up with a place as cool as Lawrence, and I have no idea why a righteous state like New Jersey wound up with places with as much potential as Lawrence, but wind up falling flat.

** It pained us to put off our Amici's visit until later in the week, because at the rate Trenton is going, Amici's could up and leave any minute. Seriously. What if, god forbid, it was our decision to wait to go to Amici's until later in the week that caused them to pull the plug? Please forgive us, in advance, if necessary.

*** I'm sure that it goes against all literary protocol to add a footnote to a footnote, but whatever. This is a blog, and it's my blog, and I can do that, if I want. I want to apologize to Kansas, which really isn't a near-complete write off of a state. But it's not nearly as cool as New Jersey, either.

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Miss Karen said...

Amici's still has sufficient funds to put commercials on basic cable, and if I'm not mistaken the word "Trenton" is not spoken at any point during those commercials. I think they say they are located in "Chambersburg, NJ." Now THAT's civic pride for ya.