Saturday, October 13, 2007

Instant revenue

I just saw an entourage of vehicles drive out of my alley; all with dark tinted windows. For the last few years, I've heard people say that tint is illegal in NJ, and so I wonder why so many vehicles right here in my neighborhood continue to violate the law. I wanted to know if it was illegal or not, so I looked up NJ's law online, and found that it is indeed illegal in NJ for a vehicle to have a tinted windshield windows, and front side windows, though there are a few exceptions. The general population is not supposed to have this sort of window tint in our vehicles; despite the abundance of tinted pimpmobiles and ghetto sleds, they are not the exempt from this law, either.

So, why isn't this enforced? Illegal window tint can be the reason for failing state safety inspections, but I've noticed that my neighbors with an inclination to tint tend to not keep their vehicles for very long, and are possibly not the sorts of citizens who bother with state inspections. But, if the city enforced this law for just one day — if officers were permitted to go up and down each street and issue a ticket to each offending vehicle — that would mean big money for the city. As of 2005, NJ Motor Vehicle Services annotates a $54 fine for a violation of NJ 39:3-74 (obstruction of windshield for vision). With that money, we could improve road conditions, or hire more police officers, or pay for one of Doug Palmer's Conference of Mayor trips. Just think what we could do if this law were enforced on a continual basis! You may argue that the folks receiving the tint fine are not the sort of citizens to pay their tickets, but that's just great, too. Wouldn't warrants be issued for their arrests? I don't like to generalize, but generalizing is often fair: window-tinters are already breaking the law, so I would bet many of them are breaking other laws, as well. When they are eventually arrested, chances are, officers will find that they're carrying drugs, or guns, or don't have insurance, or are under the influence. I don't mean to go hardcore, but if people like this are arrested, I don't think it's that bad.

Of all of the laws in Trenton that are not getting enforced, this seems like one of the easiest to enforce. It's not like drug dealing or noise violations or even littering, where the offender can ditch the drugs, walk away from the litter, turn the music down, and deny deny deny. Just ticket the vehicles with tinted windows.


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Brendage said...

Hey Chrispy,
Up here in Canada we have one simple equation when it comes to window tinting - Tinted Windows = Ugly People inside the car. It's a fact!
B-spot out!