Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Lacey, January 1993

Lacey died peacefully last night, at home.
I've had her my whole adult life,
so today, her absence is deafening.
She was a very good girl, and I will miss her.


Miss Karen said...

Bon voyage, Lacey girl.

jennygirl said...

I love you Chrissy, I am so sorry. I know how much you loved Lacey, and I know you are going to miss her so much. - Jenny

Anne said...

Chrissy -

So sorry you lost Lacey. Glad you can use your wonderful blog to mark an important passing.


Bill Hawley said...

Lacey was a sweet bundle of joy. My condolences, Chrissy.

Rick Toone said...

Lacey my loo
doggie mick-doo
scrounge around
hound-ily poo

good little girl
chaser of squirrels
curly-tailed boogily-boo

Miss you.