Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Sunday Funny 10/28/07

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Irving Bertrand Clean said...

Doug E. Fresh Palmer is an amazing man.

I give him mad love for realizing that Trenton needs more cops.

I give him even madder love for thinking this one up all by his-self, without any input from the "haters" or any of those pesky Council busybodies (well, the one or two who aren't attached to him by puppet strings).

At his next press conference, look for the Dougster to inform us that water is wet, and ice is cold.

Anonymous said...

Hey now, cut out that sarcastic and criticism. You're lowering my property values!

Irving Bertrand Clean said...

Sorry, haters - God isn't through with me yet!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Anonymous,
What property values? Homes in Trenton sell for about 25% of replacement value and for about 10% of what homes sell for in the surounding areas Most people wouldn't take your property if you payed them.

pbaman said...

Very good as usual. pbaman