Monday, November 19, 2007

Hooray! Crime is Down!

The CQ Press Annual Safest/Most Dangerous Cities report is out, and Trenton has, at least on paper, seen some improvement. This story has been covered by the local newspapers, and my fellow bloggers have offered their thoughts about it too, so there's not much left to say. Except, to me, that report is irrelevant.

The numbers may show "improvement," but each of those numbers represents a horrible, life-altering event for real people, right here in our community. We can all chant "crime is down, crime is down" and come to believe it, just as the mystics chant "OM" and find inner peace, but violent crimes continue to happen all the time. Crime is Down, Crime is Down, but citizens are left to figure things out on their own based on the sounds of sirens and mothers wailing, and bits of crime scene tape left behind, outside their doors. Crime is Down, Crime is Down, but that doesn't bring back 84-year-old Jerry Eure, or 17-year-old MacKenzie Paul, two people whose lives were cut down too soon. Crime is down, crime is down, but two families in less than one week — the same week that report says Crime is Down in Trenton — have entirely new, gut-wrenching realities to accept. We have a problem with crime in Trenton.

Enough of the chants, and the reports, and the statistics, positive or negative. Let's get more policemen and women on the streets, now. Let's keep the citizens of Trenton informed so we can do our part, too.

By the way, the official Trenton Police Department crime map has still not been updated on the city's website. Crime is Down, so no need to post it?

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Old Mill Hill said...

It's sort of funny. No thinking person can really take these rankings all that seriously, yet elected officials contort themselves to the extreme in defense of or to repudiate their city's particular placement on the list.

If they'd* spend half as much energy trying to make a real difference in the crime rate rather than in the "crime ranking" the former might just take care of the latter.

*And by "they" I mean the appointed and annointed ones who flap their gums and puff their cheeks in lipservice to their personally spun agenda.