Saturday, November 24, 2007

I was wrong,
and it's oh-so-right!

Sometimes it's great to be wrong.

Glen and I wanted to have breakfast this morning at Café Olé and were totally bummed out, but not entirely surprised, to find it closed today. We're hoping for the day when all of Trenton's restaurants are busy enough and the surrounding areas are thug-free enough to warrant them staying open late, and on both weekend days, and, especially, over holiday weekends.

So, we ate outside the city this morning, and it was good, but not the experience we had wanted. As we headed back toward home, we were thrilled to find the tamale lady outside of the Red, White, and Blue thrift store! I called my sister Jenny, who has not been able to get tamales off her brain since we first stumbled upon the tamale lady a few weeks ago. Jenny was so excited that she placed a hefty order and agreed to meet us back at our house within an hour to pick up the goods.

While the tamale seller was getting our order ready, I mentioned to her husband that I had thought his wife was only going to be selling her delicious food that one weekend, a few weeks ago. And told me that from now on, the tamales, and salads, and tacos and atole would be available — weather permitting — outside the Red, White, and Blue on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. AND, they'll be promoting tamale-love outside of the Selecto supermarket on Broad Street on Sundays.

How awesome is that?!

Jenny and two of her children, Aaron, and Emma, arrived a short time later, and even Emma, the baby, got in on the action: she grabbed a little taquito and made short work of it. We had a nice visit for a couple of hours (Emma got to play with the cats and Aaron got to take some photos), and then Jenny loaded up the kids and a huge bag of tamale-and-taquito goodness, which, I'm sure, other members of her family are enjoying right now.

So, I'm so happy to have been wrong about the tamale lady's availability. This approach to dining — that is, woman with large coolers and thermoses of food on the side of the road — may be a new trend. And, bonus: her hours of operation are no worse than many of the other food vendors in the area.

Now, go get some tamales!

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Brendage said...

Dude! I am all over that action when I come for my post-Christmas Trenton-fest! TAMALLELIU! No Touques required!