Monday, November 5, 2007

Just wondering...

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If the Trenton school board decides* to tear down the landmark Trenton Central High School, at its November 26th meeting, how long will it be before a new high school crumbles into the ground? The existing high school is in rough shape, but was made well. Generally speaking, new construction just does not compare to the stuff built 75-100 years ago. If the school board says it can't find enough money to renovate the high school, how will it find the dough to provide for the maintenance needs of a new building?

Please renovate.

* Since the school board members are appointed by the mayor, is the board really autonomous? Can it make its own decisions?


Anonymous said...

Excellent point, Chrissy.

It's interesting. The City School District and the City Administration cannot get their collective acts together well enough to simply maintain the physical plants that house their respective operations. Instead of properly maintaining and repairing the infrastructure, they let things go until we're teetering on the edge of no return.

If we apply the popular "broken windows theory" to our school system (and/or our city government), the appearance of neglect and dissarray creates a culture of neglect and dissarray.

If our "leaders" can't or won't find the wherewithall to take care of the city's physical assets, how can they possibly be trusted to provide the required level of service to the community.

TCHS is but one of many manifestations of this misaligned priority system. The grand old lady on Chambers Street crumbles before our eyes while we continue to pump money into stupid neon fire helmets. Just as we continue pay for expensive gang consultants and a top heavy school administration yet our kids continue to be at risk.

Yes, we need to save the school. But we need to save the city. We need to renovate our local government as well as restore our infrastructure.

Miss Karen said...

It is appalling that the board and the city have let the building fall into this state. And it will be even more appalling if, after letting it get to this point, they determine that they have to tear it down and start over. But the focus should be on what will allow the kids access, as soon as possible, to a decent environment to go to school in, where the ceilings don't threaten to cave in every time it rains.

Anonymous said...

Its time all of the Trenton bloggers pool resources and start a political organizartion to prepare to make big changes when the next election time comes.

Irving Bertrand Clean said...

The notion that a school board is comprised of political appointees, ESPECIALLY in an Abbott (and Costello )school district.

TPS actually has a Director of School Construction. What the HELL?!? I thought SCC handled all construction for A&C school districts?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Board voted in March 2005 to renovate, yet not a single thing has been done as of November 2007.

Letting this building continue to crumble is sending the kids a GREAT message! Well done, everybody!!!