Wednesday, November 21, 2007


City council approved a contract last night that would provide wireless internet throughout the city, which, if the communications firm can uphold its end of the bargain, sounds pretty cool. But it won't affect my life too much because I have my own wifi already, and because when I leave the house, I need to get the hell away from my technology. If the city gets wifi, it probably won't affect too many other people in the city either, since they're either like me, and already have their own access, or they live below the poverty line. But I like the forward-thinkingness of this plan, because someday, maybe a huge percentage of the city's residents will not be too poor to own a computer.

It's easy to think about the individual people who make up city council. I know I do. A lot. But tonight, after a glass of wine, and knowing there are no deadlines for the next couple of days, I started to think about council as an organism, in and of itself. A living organism, like a cat. Or a squid. Or a wallaby. The Organism Council would be pretty high up on the food chain, but not at the top, only because there's too much chatter and noise going on inside of the collective head. Too much distraction. And right now, I feel a bit lower on the food chain too: relaxed from my wine, numb from a busy week of work and holiday preparation, and my reluctance to get used to the time change and all the darkness that comes along with it. Right now, all of that is causing me to debate with myself about whether I should tidy up the kitchen to get ready for tomorrow, or maybe have more wine and watch the hockey game with Glen, or have more wine and not watch the hockey game and blog instead. So, I sympathize with council, at least right now. I mean, I'm TIRED, I don't want to spend any more time in the kitchen. And, for whatever reason, that little tiny black thing on the TV screen in the other room is just way too hard to follow right now. And the wine tastes yummy and the glow of my computer is addictive!

There are a lot of things wrong with this city: our crime cameras are a joke; the only footage caught on camera is coming from regular citizens, and since there are only 37 of us with cameras, that's not saying much. Ordinances aren't getting enforced. The mayor is running off to the far corners of the country because of his "responsibilities" to the Conference of Mayors. There aren't enough cops on the street. Maybe crime is down, but it's still rampant. The city is like the state of my kitchen right now: a total freakin' disaster, but it's too overwhelming for me to think about for too long. So, I'm sitting here, writing...and drinking wine. I'm being productive, after all!

So, at least at this moment, I can understand why, when the city is such a mess, council would approve a contract for something that a) may not ever work properly, or b) won't be relevant until a few years has gone by. After all, the mere act of voting is progress, and that has to feel good, when so little progress is actually happening outside of council chambers.

I am gonna hate the mess in my kitchen tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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