Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Year in the Photo Booth

Glen and I each have a computer equipped with a built-in camera, which, I suppose relatively normal people might use for video conferencing or that sort of thing. The phone, to me, is a necessary evil, something I use to just say, "I am on my way," and that's it. So the idea of others being able to see me while I suffer through the conversation makes me shudder.

But all is not lost. Our computers came with a cute little program called Photo Booth. The program really serves no real, grown-up purpose, except perhaps to keep the nieces and nephews occupied so the adults can engage in adult conversation. But the thing of it is, it's really a compelling little program, and draws most of the adults back over to the computer to see what the kids are up to. On the surface, it just takes a simple photo of the subject, but once inside the controls, the user can change the lighting and the effects, so that you look like a sketch (I used that filter on my photo on my blog, on the lower right of the page), or a comic book image, or something out of Andy Warhol's collection; there are ethereal filters, and sepia filters, thermal filters, and a plain ole black and white conversion. If you explore further, you'll see you can twist and dent and twirl and fisheye yourself until the end of days. And that's usually what happens: each time one of the kids enters the Photo Booth, we wind up with nearly 100 hilarious photos. Each time.

I've been instructed to keep the kids' photos off the internet, unless they're blurred or twisted beyond recognition. So, with that stipulation in mind, here are some of the best twisty blurries of the last year.

I'm gonna back up into 2006 a teeny bit, because it seems I don't have many 2007 shots of Richie and Megan, two of my sister Jenny's children.

So here's Richie from last year (the uni-nostril rocks!):

And his sister Megan:

Then, this year, Michael took some good ones:

A couple of weeks later, Glen's sister Brenda came to visit:

And then came the visit from Glen's sister, Sheena, and her two children,
Margaret, and Thomas:

Jenny's youngest, Emma, even wanted in on the action (can you blame her?!):

Glen's sister Clair and her daughter, Cara, came for a visit recently, and Cara took these shots of herself holding Platooski (the gray and white cat) and Angus (the black cat), who were both too stupid to leave the room:

Cara took over 100 shots of herself this past weekend, and came up with some really good stuff. I wanted to be able to prove that she was a perfectly normal child, so I took this picture of her taking a picture of herself:

Aaron, my 6-year-old budding photographer nephew, spends more time than anyone "in the booth." First, a picture of him taking a picture of himself (as you can see again, poor Platooski just does not understand that he will be used as a model every time he watches over a child taking pictures of him/herself; and he was used as a model on that particular day, but Platooski wiggled so much that his pictures were not good enough to publish here, even by distorted Photo Booth standards):

Aaron takes a bit of time perusing all of the settings on the computer's camera
and winds up with some interesting shots:

By far, this one is my favorite:

The adults, save for Brenda, Glen, and me, tend to be camera-shy, so we don't have pictures of many of the adults. Also, Cara's brother Aidan didn't make it down to the Hood this year, and I know he would have loved the Photo Booth; Glen's nephew Hamish hasn't made it from LA; his other nephew, Brendan, is just a few weeks old; and the pictures of my sister Karen's son, Eric, are not distorted enough. But the year isn't over yet.

In the meantime, Happy Holidays!
(we're pretty big idiots, I know)


Good ol' Bob said...

It's probably the funnest app Apple has ever written.

Brendage said...

Bra's I can't wait to get to the hood and start the 2008 photobooth album!