Friday, January 18, 2008

Live Webcam: WiFi in my home

Speaking of WiFi yesterday, Glen recently purchased a WiFi webcam, and he set it up tonight. While it's kinda cool, I now feel like a prisoner in my own home, and if Glen had any shame, he would too. Right now, I'm watching him open the mail. In his underwear. Oh now, Platooski, the cat, who is wild about Glen, is trying to get his attention (the amount Platooski adores Glen is unnatural and kind of creepy). This is LIVE on the WEB, folks!! I'd love to give the web address for our webcam to at least our family members, but I'm not gonna. Not until Glen and I can agree that the thing needs to point outside the house, or only comes on when we're not home.

Haters, beware! Our camera is working better than most of the copcams are reported to work (at least last we heard).

Quick update, later the same evening: Glen sat at his computer in the office, watching the kitchen (which pretty much looked like the picture above, with the cat, Platooski, periodically turning to look curiously at the camera as it panned around the room), while I wrote and posted the above. Glen bellowed while I was writing that he wanted to watch me making dinner, because he was hungry. He needed some reassurance it was coming, and not some "stupid blog post where you write bad things about me." He claims he's going to get a bunch more webcams so he can keep an eye on me from work during the week, to make sure I'm not bloggin' the day away. Oi.


Brendage said...

Brah! That is totally awesome. It can be like I never left the hood. It's kind of creepy that my "Big Brother" will be watching you. Holy Hamfists!
I can't wait to see all the kitties have their "cameos." Boo Yeah!
B-spot on the voyeur front!

pbaman said...

Cool. Big brother WILL be watching. Now there will be no surprises for dinner.