Thursday, February 21, 2008

Oh dear

First off, I want to apologize to Miss Karen for using her idea of blogging about search terms that lead people to my blog, especially so soon after she blogged about it. I am always fascinated to see what search words come up in my sitemeter*, and have toyed with posting about some of the ways people find this little blog, but I didn't feel the time was right. Now, I just feel badly to do it only 11 days after Miss Karen, because it just seems so unoriginal, but originality be damned: tonight, the timing is right.

That's right. Someone googled the phrase:

picture of animal peeing

...and it brought them to my post below, which was, in a round about way, about pee's effects on your lawn and other plantings. There were no pictures of pee, or even the damage caused by pee, and certainly, there were no pictures of anyone (animal or otherwise) in the act of peeing, which must have been a bummer to that particular visitor.

I tend to be an optimist, and for every person who complains about how society is going to hell, and how we're not safe from this or that, I try to remind myself that the world, as a whole, IS in a better place now than ever before. Crime may not be down in Trenton, but it is, worldwide. We're living longer. Drug use and teen pregnancy (again, worldwide, not necessarily here in Trenton) are down. The USSR no longer exists, and our country actually has a working relationship with Russia (no, it's not perfect, but how many of you felt for sure we were headed for war with them, 20 years ago?). We're treating the environment better, and we humans just know so much more than we did even just a generation ago.

But then, there's some lunatic out there who is trying to find pictures of animals peeing. This, on top of the person who found Miss Karen's blog because he (possibly she) was looking for camera phone pics of big asses in Trenton, NJ. Maybe it's not safe to leave the house, after all. And it's certainly not safe for our pets out there, either.

* Not all bloggers use Sitemeter, but many of us do. We can either pay for a subscription, or we can get a freebie version, and I'm guessing several of the other bloggers are like me, and opted for the freebie version, which leaves our site statistics open for public viewing, if you click our Sitemeter area. Sitemeter allows the blogger to customize the icon on the blog, so you might see a little green bar graph, or a Sitemeter logo, or an announcement of how many visitors have visited the site. If you click on that, you'll get to see all the fun stuff we see. And if you're a weirdo who used a weird search phrase to find us, we know you're out there, freak.

I want to add, since this post already lacks originality, another, far less disturbing search term that brings people to my site: a few months ago, I talked about the Canadian HGTV guy, Mike Holmes, host of Holmes on Homes, who renovates homes for families who got screwed over by their original contractor/builder. He's gotten a little full of himself in recent seasons, but he's still a great guy, trying to right the wrongs in the world, in the ways that he can. And the guy often walks around in a pair of overalls with no shirt underneath (or just a wife-beater t-shirt underneath), and well, he looks very okay doing it. I STILL get at least one hit a week from someone who has googled the term mike + holmes + shirtless. I've never even posted a picture of the guy, and so, I feel like I've let down a lot of people (at least one a week for the past 20+ weeks or so). Since the Mike Holmes traffic keeps coming, here's a little something for your effort. This picture might not make you swoon, but it's better than finding a whole lot of nothing.


Miss Karen said...

Chrissy, sometimes originality must be sacrificed when there's just too much hilarity to ignore. The internet is a truly wonderful and terrible place. Let's have a contest to see who gets the most bizarre search term referral.

Brendage said...

So...can you maybe tell me where I CAN get some "pictures of animals peeing?"

Chrissy said...

I COULD set the webcam up on the litter boxes, but I won't...sorry!

Irving Bertrand Clean said...

Wasn't Mike Holmes in the Village People?

Chrissy said...

Yeah, I think he wore the construction hat. Man, that guy could move!

Irving Bertrand Clean said...

These are the classier search terms that led people to our particular pile of filth:

"how does embalming fluid get people high"

"ready bald for kisses"

"clown pasting activity"

"if this is love why do i feel so insecure"