Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Unlock the dream

Glen was surfin' the web today, as we haters tend to do, and happened to stumble across a brochure for a Gang Summit, scheduled for February 25-27, in Arlington, Virginia. Guess who is scheduled to speak? Brielle's own Barry Colicelli!!! Looks like he's running a seminar on the first day entitled "Developing Community-Based Partnerships to Reduce Gang Violence," and another one on the second day called "Devising Community-Wide Anti-Gang Initiatives."

Under each of his seminars, this is what is written about him:
Barry Colicelli, Captain (Retired), Special Assistant to Mayor Douglas Palmer, Mayor's Office of Anti-Gang Initiatives, City of Trenton.
I wonder:
  • of course, if Barry's still planning to attend?
  • and if so, who is paying for his travel to and from Arlington?
  • if the program coordinators and attendees know that Mr. Colicelli is retired from Newark?
  • if the program coordinators and attendees know that Mr. Colicelli's contract was terminated in Trenton?
  • if the speakers receive honoraria?
  • if Mr. Colicelli will be drawing on his experience as a Zombie Killing Cop in the movie Zombie Honeymoon (2004)?*
  • if Mr. Colicelli will be showcasing his comprehensive community anti-gang initiatives from his efforts in Trenton, or Newark, or Brielle, or all of the above?
According to the brochure, you should attend if you are a law enforcement officer; school resource officer; court, probation or corrections professional; school administrator or counselor; community-based organization; legislator; youth development professional; government agent and/or elected official.

You should know there are some fees involved; it's roughly $800 to attend (though there are some different options depending on what you participate in), and accommodations (as of 1/24/08) are roughly $200 at the nearby Arlington Rosslyn Courtyard. Check out the Gang Summit's website for more information.

Chief of Staff for the city of Trenton, Renee Haynes, told City Council last night that if Mr. Colicelli is forced out (and wasn't he?), all of the information and work and grant money he's acquired for the city will go with him. Of course, we all know that no professional who cares about his future would ever do that to a client, but remember, this is Trenton, Land of Shit-Like-This-Doesn't-Happen-Anywhere-Else. But all is not lost. What has cost the city a quarter of a million bucks (and then some) in the way of payment to Mr. Colicelli over the last three years, you can have in an afternoon in Arlington, for a mere $800. Unlock the dream from Barry's head. That's a bargain!!

* We think this is him. What do you think?
For more information, check out the YouTube link for the movie. Also, check The Internet Movie Database's cast list for Zombie Honeymoon. And please, stay tuned for a movie review by Mr. Clean, over at Bald Fat and Angry (hint, hint!)


Anonymous said...

It's always been my impression that our exalted gang expert has also moonlighted in horror films.

Or, should I say, the exalted actor in horror films has also moonlighted as our gang expert?

Anonymous said...

That's Barry in the film, without a doubt. I think I'm going to save my lunch money and go see Barry's give his talks. What the heck if the city paid him so much, it must be worth at least $1,000 to hear him speak.

Irving Bertrand Clean said...

Thanks for volunteering me... I humbly accept.

I'm a little afraid, having read the Netflix reviews of the opus that is "Zombie Honeymoon."

But who am I to turn my back on the chance to watch "Policeman #2" in some real police action?

Anonymous said...

On top of evrything else, Barry is a movie star. No wonder he is worth so much money. I must see ihs speaking engagement. Maybe Doug will give me an unmarked police vehicle and a blank voucher to go see Barry. Anybody want to car pool. pbaman

Dan G. Tawnie said...

This guy is a joke. How do you even get cast for a role like that?

Dan G. Tawnie said...

I have to add that I was flipping through the channels on Thursday night and stumbled upon the Chiller channel. I never heard of it before and wasn't aware that I was paying for this crap. It was even better because Barry's fine film Zombie Honeymoon was being shown. Nothing like watching a movie about going on a honeymoon with a zombie on Valentine's Day. How romantic!