Saturday, February 9, 2008

A vote against the children

Mayor Palmer lashed out angrily yesterday, after city council voted Thursday night not to renew the contract of gang consultant, Barry Colicelli. He said, "It was a vote against the children in the city who want to make sure that they stay out of gangs."

So, Doug, if Barry worked so hard to make the streets of Trenton safer for children, why did you move your child to Hunterdon County? And why did you move her there long before Barry's contract expired?


Old Mill Hill said...

This is probably the single biggest issue one can have with Mr. Palmer...if you disagree with him, you are somehow anti-Trenton.

He has never been able to accept the fact that people disagree. Instead of taking that into consideration and perhaps moderating his views, he tries to demonize the opposition.

He's a small man, with a small brain. And he'll never go any further than the ruination of a once solid city.

Irving Bertrand Clean said...

Yeah, but you haters better LOOK OUT once he helps get Hillary elected... Huh, what's that? Seriously? Wow!

Dan G. Tawnie said...

Politicians have used lines like this for ages. Today if you vote against any bill dealing with terrorism, you would be called Un-American or a traitor.

They try to portray their opponents as going against their own constituencies. Bunch of baloney.