Monday, March 31, 2008

Everyone loves a parade...

...except for me and Mayor Palmer. The difference: I'm coming around. And at least I attended the St. Patrick's Day parade, which was my second parade in a few months (the first was the Thanksgiving parade which, admittedly, Miss Karen [of the KillerLouise blog] and I, stumbled into serendipitously), and Mayor Palmer didn't.

I've never been big on crowds, or a parade, but all this parade-going of late is making me rethink my attitude about them. It's been fun to watch all the floats and the excited kids, and try to figure out which politician is which. Plus, it's just kind of lazy to not attend, especially when the parade is traveling two blocks from your home. Or, if you're the mayor.

Sure, not every politician or regular citizen can attend every function in town, but it's odd to never see Mayor Palmer at very much of anything. The prevailing rumor is that the Mayor didn't show because the people who attended the St. Patrick's Day parade were not his voting block. But it's doubtful that many of the attendees were Ewing Mayor Jack Ball's people, or Hamilton Mayor John Bencivengo's people. It's doubtful that many of the attendees knew the members of the mummers or the pipe and drum bands who came up from Philadelphia to entertain a Trenton crowd; it's doubtful that many of us knew the members of the Monmouth County Police Pipes and Drums, or the FDNY's Emerald Society Pipes and Drums, or any of the other groups who came from outside Trenton, and outside Mercer County to walk down our Hamilton Avenue. It's also rumored that this may be the last St. Pat's parade in Trenton, so it's a shame that Mayor Palmer didn't make it. We were happy to see East Ward Councilman Gino Melone, and At-Large Rep Manny Segura, though, and the crowd appreciated it too.

Attendance, overall, was pretty good, and I'm glad that those who participated in the parade made an effort to come to my town, my neighbhorhood. I took a lot of pictures, some of which I've peppered through this entry. If you're interested to see more, click here. I'm not thrilled with the automated software I used to create the photogallery, but it functions. It made very little thumbnails, but just click on the first picture and use the navigational arrows to run through it, that way, you'll get to see the larger images.

Also, if you're interested to see larger versions of any of these shots, take note of the "IMG_xxxx.jpg" number below the image. Send me an email (my address is on the parade link pages), and I'll send you a large, high-res picture suitable for printing, cropping, etc. Also, I took a bunch of pictures of each parade segment, but only chose one or a few representational shots for this web gallery. If you know, for instance, your fireman buddy was riding his motorcycle in the parade, but don't see him in my pics, let me know.

My only complaints, which were very minor: there were a number of local dance troupes, but they did very little dancing. The parade route was sizable, so I certainly wouldn't expect all the kids to be dancing every step of the way. But it would have been nice to see a bit of what they did. We heard some of the parents of the dancers say there was going to be more of a proper dance show down at the park, at the end of the parade, so I'm sure that was good. The kids looked great, and really happy to be there.

Also, I'm not proud of this, but I could have really used a hot dog. Haven't had one in ages, and there's something about watching a parade on a city street that calls for a hot dog. Alas, there were only soft pretzel vendors where we stood.

I hope this isn't the last St. Patrick's Day Parade in the city. It is a fun, spirited event that brings a lot of people together. We need more of that.


Irving Bertrand Clean said...

According the paper (can't remember if it's the one that sucks up to Dougie or the one that can't spell), Dougie couldn't attend because he was recovering from oral surgery.

I wonder if he had trouble getting that rescheduled after the rain on the original parade date.

Anonymous said...

Oral surgery. Hmm. I'd heard that he was on vacation in Florida just a day or two prior to the parade...not that one can't fly back to Trenton from Disney World in short order. Especially if it's for oral surgery.

I'm not saying that it isn't possible that Doug had a medical procedure scheduled that day, but it is as likely as when he had to leave the Trenton Council of Civic Associations annual dinner early a couple of years back to attend a "Parent Teacher Conference..." on a Friday night...for his then 3 year old daughter. (Of course, he hasn't attended at all the past couple of years!)

As for the change of location for the parade, according to someone on the committee, no decision has been made to change route or the location. It's been chatted about for a couple of years, but nothing has been decided.

But, like the oral surgery and parent teacher could happen.

Irving Bertrand Clean said...

I was gonna let this go earlier, but it's starting to gnaw at me...

Also, I'm not proud of this, but I could have really used a hot dog.

Dude, are you actually APOLOGIZING for liking hot dogs?!? Please say it ain't so!

Yeah yeah yeah... lips and assholes... snouts and entrails... YUM and YUMMY!!!

Because I'd like to live past 45 (most days, anyway), I have relegated my hot dog consumption to baseball season only. Yeah, I know that's like 6 months out of the year, but still!

I am jonesin' like a crack-head... but for hot dogs!

Hot dogs RULE!!!

Miss Karen said...

I do love a parade, and I am sorry that other plans (not involving oral surgery) prevented me from attending this year! Nice pictures! And you're right that everything is more enjoyable with a hot dog.

Chrissy said...

Clean: hot dogs are good, and when we got home from the parade, we each had one for lunch. It was close to the start of baseball season, but of course, I was not aware of that until today. The last time I had a hot dog was at the end of baseball season, so apparently, we are on a similar hot dog schedule. While I'm not proud of my fondness for hot dogs, I suppose there is no shame in it either.

Anonymous (and Clean): I heard the oral surgery hypothesis too, and find it bunk. I am lucky that my teeth, thus far, have served me well, and have yet to require major attention from anyone in the dentistry realm. So I'm making a gross assumption here, but don't most SURGEONS -- regardless of flavor -- tend to keep their weekends and evenings free? I'm sure some are on call, but it just seems unlikely that anyone -- even the King of Trenton -- could SCHEDULE oral surgery for a Saturday. But it's a marvelous world: anything is possible.