Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The world is watching,
if just a bit

I was bummed to hear Trenton School Board member, Lisa Kasabach, resigned recently. Ms. Kasabach appeared to me to be the lonely little angel on the shoulder of a group of misdirected, uncooperative, and egomaniacal people. I imagine like other shoulder angels, she found it unsatisfying to constantly witness her companions rushing impulsively into everything. And in her case, specifically, her companions were so unappreciative and outright combative with her, that it must have just been exhausting, so I can see why she bailed. She will be missed though, and by more than just the sensible people in this city. I am sure the school board without that voice of reason, that thorn in the side reminding them to be more courteous and thoughtful, will grow even more contentious and irrelevant, and they'll wish they never let her go, especially after the citizens of this city vote to kick them to the curb. The kids in the school who are not graduating in record numbers may not know it now, but will someday, possibly, wish she stuck around, too, because I'd bet she has better ideas than the other school board members to improve the education of Trenton kids.

The Trenton Board of Education provides material which is often better than television, and I don't know about the other bloggers and writers in the area, but I happen to be getting a decent amount of traffic courtesy of Google searches for the Trenton, NJ Board of Education. In the last two weeks, I've had hits from all over the country, and I'd wager that it's probably the same or better for my fellow bloggers, who are extremely admirable and far more focused on Trenton than I am.

So wake up, Joyce. Wake up, Doug. Your brand of crap doesn't happen elsewhere, and people on the outside are watching it. You're leaving your marks on Trenton: and they're the marks of blight and decay; YOUR names will be associated with that. And time is running out for you. Someday, soon, I hope, we'll go back to an elected school board, which will bring about another set of issues, but ones, at least, with which the community can cope. We are not irrelevant.

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Irving Bertrand Clean said...

Reached for comment, Mayor Palmer* said "How dare someone call attention to the shenanigans of my hand-picked Skool Bored, as they relate to the flushing out of meddlesome interloper Lisa Kasabach?!? Chrissy and her pals should just shut up and pay their taxes."

*OK, he didn't - but does this sound about right?