Wednesday, September 17, 2008


BUFFALO, NY—Adults in households with young people in possession of illegal firearms are urged to turn them in during the city's gun buy-back program, scheduled for September 27.
“We know that works because 15 months ago at the last buy-back, family members took guns away from young people and turned them over,” Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown said, adding that “there are too many illegal guns in the hands of youth. It does no good. They’re killing themselves and other people.”*

A gun buy-back program, targeting adults with gang members in the house, could possibly work in Trenton, except we are closing our library branches because the city would rather spend money to "protect" and chauffeur Mayor Douglas Palmer, and gas up and pimp out the rides of Palmer's cronies.

We fucking suck. So damn bad. It's frustrating: we — the citizens of Trenton — have made such great leaps in this past year: we've organized and gathered signatures; we've protested and shown up in large numbers to meetings; we've filed lawsuits against the unfair and illegal practices of our city's administration; we've engaged in intelligent commentary. Despite this, nothing has really changed, except Barry Colicelli got the boot, but rumor has it, he's been seen sniffing around city hall again lately.

It's maddening to be ignored and dismissed; it's deplorable that our elected representatives are not representing us properly; and what happens with our tax money is unacceptable. Often, I wonder why we bother, since it seems like we're wasting our time. We could move to the suburbs and pay only a little bit more in taxes. And, we wouldn't have the shame of explaining how the fuck people like Doug Palmer or Paul Pintella or Joe Santiago or Irv Bradley and freakin' Captain Sleepy get to do what they do without repercussion. These personality types do not exist in other municipalities; and if and when they pop up, they are sent packing in short order. We could move to the suburbs, and we wouldn't have to watch our Trenton neighborhoods rot away; we wouldn't have to stay inside for fear of getting jumped for as little as a submarine sandwich and a five dollar bill.

Some days, I do see why people gave up. I understand why they left. Nearly everything about this city is unacceptable, even though good solutions are so easily attainable—if it weren't for the morons on East State Street. 2010 seems so far away today, even though it really isn't. I hope the people of Trenton will be heard before that time, but if not, 2010 will come soon enough.


* Speaking of Buffalo, check out that city's website, and compare it to Trenton's. Look how much real, usable information Buffalo offers, compared to the icky ass-kissing of Mayor Palmer that is Trenton's website.

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