Monday, September 29, 2008

Zoom, zoom

We seem to have more than our share of accidents along the streets in our neighborhood, including a big one this weekend, involving a high speed police chase,* which made the news on Sunday. In the past, I've written to my councilman about this problem, since our corner, and the two I can see from my front porch, seem to have at least one accident every couple of months. It's a small neighborhood, nestled behind the high school, and there are a few corners I can't see from my little perch, but obviously those corners are seeing a lot of accidents too. Whether I can see them or not, there are way too many accidents over here. I sound like an old fart, but whatever: people drive too quickly, and they pay no heed to the stop signs.

I've never heard back from Gino on this; maybe he doesn't have the answers. Mostly, I just wanted to document each time an accident took place, anyway, thinking maybe the city would start to look at these problem areas, and possibly remediate. Oh well. So, I'm gonna skip the letter to him this time, and just bitch here, instead. I don't have the answers, either, though I suppose I should try to find some. Today, I'm thinking maybe speed bumps — if we can find someone to install them (maybe I can, with some Kwikcrete??) — might not be such a bad option. People hate them, and for good reason, I reckon: they slow you down, which is a total drag if you're not interested in driving slowly. But we need slower driving here, even without two damn schools, in this heavily populated residential area. With some speed bumps, maybe fewer people would speed, maybe there would be fewer high speed chases. Maybe there would be fewer innocent people who are ejected from their cars, and fewer innocent car owners who peek outside to find their cars freakin' t-boned because some freakin' idiot thought it was a good idea to come speeding through here.


* I don't blame the police for what happened this weekend on Olden and Farragut: they chased because it was necessary. I wish, though, they'd chase the knuckleheads who ride around on the ATVs, too. Even if there was an unhappy ending in that situation, there would probably be fewer injuries, and not as much damage to property than what happened with this weekend's vehicle chase.

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mr smartass said...

Gino is, and has been, in large a waste! We have brought up this exact topic now for over 3 years and nothing has been done about it. People have stopped coming to our association meetings over this. Speed bumps...ignored, extra patrols, don't happen, out of state drivers, allowed to continue. Part of the problem with this city and the people who hold office.