Saturday, October 18, 2008

Comcastic interwebs fail me in my Trenton home!

Our Comcast cable interwebs have been flaky all month which is frustrating, because I work from home, though most days, I sit around and surf the inter nets (particularly Facebook), like many of you who get out of your South Park jammy bottoms in the morning, and head off to work.

I cannot sit idle when the inter nets go down, so, when it happens, I unplug and replug and disconnect and reconnect all of the wires to the blinky World Wide Web boxes in my office that make the interwebs go, because on occasion, one of the vomity furry monsters living in our house will knock a cable out, or worse, puke on a piece of equipment, rendering it useless (though that's only happened once, and really, it worked out well enough, but that's a story for another time). And you know what? I could prolly check the cables and look for animal vomit until the cows come home, and it will never change this:

(Click to enlarge this Comcasticness)

That is the Comcast junction box for their cable, for their customers (including me) on my street. I feel badly posting this picture since it makes the neighbor's house look run-down, but it really isn't — if you come by, you'll see it's well maintained and will be repainted on that side soon.

Anyway, no wonder my interwebs break so regularly! All of the little data are getting tangled up in those knots! I envy my friends and family "on the outside," cuz I'm sure they don't have this outside their windows causing their interwebs to fail!

WTF, Comcast?


Mr. CleƤn said...

That is so un-Comcastic.

You should get the TV/net thingy with the guy with the awesome truck. I heard it's +20 dB hot.

comcastcares3 said...


I read your blog. Sorry to hear of the ongoing problems you've had with our services. Please email our team at I would like to get my colleagues involved so we can get you consistent, reliable service.

Melissa Mendoza
Comcast Customer Connect
National Customer Operations