Monday, October 27, 2008

Comcrapular, part le deuce

First, just a quick apology for not posting much. Truth is, I think about my blog all the time. Probably way more than what is normal or healthy. I just have a little guy who has become a) a bit of a screaming monster, and b) a constant (and I do mean CONSTANT) eater. I need to fatten him up, and he will probably chill out on both fronts. But right now, he's swinging. My midwife, by the way, calls the swing "The Neglect-o-Matic," which makes me feel badly, because, in a sense, it's true. But we all need some neglect every now and then.

So, maybe you noticed that an employee from Comcast posted a comment to my entry about our inconsistent service? I wonder if Comcast employees are paid to monitor the blogs for complaints, or if this was just a random bit of serendipity that she found me? We had a pleasant email exchange, and I received a follow up call from another rep, asking me if there was anything else Comcast could do for me, and I thought, "Wow, pretty cool." The people part of Comcast is really okay.

Everything was pretty cool, that is, until the storm this weekend, anyway. We have a fairly awesome Apple Time Capsule, which is both home to — get this — a freakin' terabyte hard disk, and a wireless router. A terabyte is massive, in case you're wondering. And we could probably offer Trenton wireless interwebs with this device. Heck, East Trenton is probably wireless because of us, at least if you know the password.

So we noticed the Time Capsule was blinking amber, which, like traffic lights on the road, is not such a welcome sign. "Caution! Caution! Caution!" is the message, and we don't like that (who does, right?), because we take our interwebs wireless. But in our case, the Time Capsule was blinky because the modem was flaky, and the modem was flaky because Comcast's signal was flaky.

I took a picture of the schmozzle of wires outside our window last weekend (I think it was last weekend, right?), and that schmozzle was blowin' in the wind, big time, this weekend, and I'd bet that is a gigantic part of the reason our internet is so damn flaky.

And this weekend's inconsistency gave some trouble to our Time Capsule; after a few hours of this on-again, off-again service, it just wouldn't offer its services, which made Glen very mad, and me kinda crazy. I had to feed the baby, so Glen broke down and called Comcast — and get this — our service went in and out so much on Saturday that we lost our IP address, and we never would have been able to fix it on our own. The tech on the line was able to assign us a new number, and we were on our merry little way of surfing the interwebs wirelessly again.

So, Melissa (comcastcares3), I hope you're reading this. You folks on the phone, and surfing the blogs, and in tech support are pretty awesome. But the wires outside my house suck bad. If y'all could fix them, that would be great.

Gotta go. Screaming baby.

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Mr. CleƤn said...

I wonder how much of the blame goes to the half-assed contractors Comcast hires to do the installations. In my experience, they cut every corner imaginable.