Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Plasma Tunnel

Matthew is kind of a fussy baby. It's hard for me to admit this, because we are fortunate to have him and I know how fortunate we are to have him. So, I don't like to complain, but man, he is impatient, and demanding as hell. He goes from content to inconsolable with absolutely no warning, and when he's inconsolable, it's a bad scene. I don't recall my sisters' kids being that way.

Brenda (yo, B-Spot), Glen's sister, says, "That's what you get for running with Canadians." Canadians are angry.

Still, he's adorable as hell, too. He sleeps pretty well through the night. He giggled at Steve over the weekend. He loves his bath. He likes his swing, though if he had his way, he'd be held all day, instead. I do enjoy keeping him on my lap, but on occasion, I need to move about freely, so he must ride the swing (the Neglect-o-Matic) from time to time.

And because of his demanding nature, there are times when he's just out of his mind, even when he's been changed, fed, swaddled, held, swung, etc. I'll hold him then, because I want him to know I love him anyway, and I care enough about his complaints to try to figure out what the problem is. Last week, I was poking around my computer, getting ready to do a back-up of important files, and a purge of old stuff I no longer need. I found a file that launched a screen saver, called Plasma Tunnel, I hadn't used in about two years. It's a cool screen saver, if you're into screen savers. It makes me think of what the doctor sees on the TV while performing a colonscopy, but a less gory. If you have a Mac, check it out here. It's free.

So, the next day, Matthew was in the middle of a meltdown on my lap, in front of the computer, when the plasma tunnel launched. He opened his eyes just long enough to catch a glimpse, and he was better, instantly. Apparently, we've been denying him of his plasma for the last couple of months, and that was the problem.

So now, whenever he gets cranky, I bring/turn him toward the computer and we enter the plasma tunnel. It's not a long-term fix for all of his complaints, but it calms him quickly and thoroughly, and it usually buys me a bit of time to finish what I'm doing.

I sent a note to the creator of the software, Fruitz of Dojo, today to say thanks for helping to turn my crabby little beastie into a sweet, content little baby, at least some of the time. But thanks aren't really adequate, so I want to let a few more people know about this cool software developer, in case you or someone you know needs a ride in the plasma tunnel.

Glen and Matthew take a ride in the plasma tunnel.


Brendage said...

I'm glad to see that the Plasma Tunnel is proving therapeutic for brolley as well as the Cheeseburger.

G Spot said...

I'm glad to see that you are still a friggin mongy, want me to kick your arse?