Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Sunday Funny 10/12/08


Old Mill Hill said...

I think you are being unfairly denigrating to bulls.

Chrissy said...

I thought I was being unfairly denigrating to their shits. I'm sorry to have offended any bulls.

Old Mill Hill said...

Shits don't have feelings that I know of (right Larry?).

Bulls do.

westwrdguy57 said...

I'm not a Palmer defender but I fail to see how he could improve the lives of the down and out in the city. At least there exists a lot of low income housing which takes a lot of borderline homeless a paycheck away from the streets. This does give them some hope for a future. We all need a place to go to, and not some park bench.

I discovered you again, just a few hours later, Chrissy, via today's comment you left on the ruinsoftrenton site. That's the site I normally blog I hate that word.

My comment for today though, was left unposted or deleted today by the site owner, Greg.

I would not have received that kind of leverage to use the word 'race' in the context you did today on the ruins site. See, once I did that, but only to remind us all here how the demographics have changed so drastically in Trenton that it may explain a higher crime rate. Just as on these prison shows so prevalent on the cable TV shows, one can easily see that groups pair off according to race, ethnicity, sub ethnicities, sub, sub, and so on. All them sub cultures develop strong bonds among themselves. This is to defend their side of the street so to speak. I guess in a real prison you'd better join or else. The same is going on here where Latin Kings, although Spanish, hate other Spanish who affiliate with another sub group. Black hates black. And surrounding townships, it's whites against whites. But why it is like this here, I got no idea. All can think of is a money element. If it isn't that then it's pure evil, just like that white girl who was murdered at the request of a Spanish gang.

I know race is a sensitive topic. I noticed Greg, or the ruinsoftrenton owner went to some lenght to push the TRAC team was not motivated by race in starting another suit.

But did I read today that Irving Bradley was doing the cop director job for free??? Free? Ha, forget the lawsuit then. He can live where he wants now. Who around these parts does something for nothing?

Apparently I have no right to an opinion on that site. Unless someone agrees with all Greg puts out, he hits the delete key.

Today I slighted some of the TRAC members involved in that highly prolific lawsuit, but only those 4 ones who took that brave step and signed onto it.. not the entire 15 of them. I'm talking not the kinda brave as in going into a burning house to save someone, but instead some rather foolish 'courage'. I went on to say that it takes only 1person to file a lawsuit and why did not all the TRAC members sign on? The more the merrier. What my thinking is they, the ones not named, were more humble of character and the ones who signed on are doing it to get their names out in society's spotlight. Just because I disagree with a point or 2 in someone's column is no reason to censure it.

Greg is a newspaper reporter, so says in his profile, and I know not all out there agree with every story he pens. I praised him on his being named citizen of the year. It's fine to agree and compliment him, but don't have an opinion that opposes his self-righteous ways. And he talks about Palmer? Ha. I've lived here my whole life. When I put a little thought into what's really going on I kinda catch on quick. I know Mr Kearney is a very good friend of Greg's. I have no right to disagree over anything either guy does. The 'ruins' runs contrary to the very cause it preaches daily.

I do not usually read other bloggers' stories but just yesterday did read about your baby girl. This is ironic I'm writing on your site today. Yours is about as sad a story as I have come across. Don't let anyone say you need to snap out of it and get on with life. It's all in your time and no one can put a timetable on your emotional state of mind. I am still grieving very badly for someone who passed 3 years ago. The part where you stated it was frozen like a photograph in time struck me personally and I won't forget that thought, ever.

I've had my share of being down on my luck in life. This misfortune I refer to is not all necessarily financial hardship either, even though I know of poverty very well. I could have easily joined in a gang myself. In my day there was a group, though, and I came close to getting a little too close to; gangs were only Italian mafia to me. We were so poor, well, I could have been part of that group who looted openly and broke in homes. Was tempting to a kid who was not allowed entrance to the house all day.

Lately, as I get older and a tad wiser, realize how many of us think ourselves 'special' in some way. Might be a gift of musical talent, news reporters, all these psychics who just lap up the attention on TV, and gangs of course are very special. But it boils down to the attitude of "I am a better one than the next person. "My gang is better than your gang." "My opinion is the only one and all who disagree are wrong" Someday, in another time, we will all know the truth about how 'special' we really are.

This may be the last time I blog. Will have to give it more thought before I put out anything of how I feel again on a public forum. You don't know the story behind theruins owner and myself. I'm mixed up now about all the favortism and need time. I'm no one special, though.

Old Mill Hill said...

Westwrdguy 57,

Let me just suggest that it is possible your comment wasn't posted on Greg's blog through a technical glitch.

As it happens, I also posted a comment on his blog that didn't appear.

And it has happened on From The Front Stoop as well.

The software, just like the human species, isn't perfect.

Chrissy said...

Hey OMH: I was gonna say the same thing, without knowing all the details, and just operating on a hunch, that the blogger software gets funky sometimes. I tried to post a comment to The Front Stoop and BFA last week and they didn't appear, and I figured if you had a problem with the content, you'd let me know! The guys at BFA, of course, probably wouldn't have a problem with content...

WWG57: thanks for your thoughtful post; I hope you'll keep writing/posting since you have something interesting to say.

I agree, in principle, that Palmer is not solely responsible for the successes and failures of every individual in this city; I agree that given the choice between accepting RCA money and sending the poor to park benches, maybe the RCA money is the better option.

However, RCA money is, at best, a corruption of the intent of the Mt. Laurel decision. Poverty is wrong, and despicable, especially here in NJ, one of the wealthiest states in the union. Each municipality was supposed to make room for affordable housing, but were able to bargain with cash-strapped cities like Trenton: we'd take that RCA money in exchange for the area's poor people. The money's has not been used well here in Trenton, and the poor aren't much better off than they were when they moved in. A terrible cycle persists. And, they're concentrated in a place without many work options, and shitty schools. Maybe if, say, West Windsor, kept up its end of the bargain, some poor people could have stayed there, and been exposed to better schools, farms, different employment options, etc., and pulled themselves out of that terrible cycle.

So, the richer municipalities are to blame for the plight of the poor as well, but Doug is icky for allowing them to get away with it. He's using the poor as pawns.

I accuse him of this, and realize, too, he is not god, or a miracle worker, and cannot save every person -- he is human, just like the rest of us. But some humans are more talented to lead during certain times, and maybe leading during this complicated time in history is just not Doug's strong suit. Doug was leader of this city during a time in this nation when we saw great economic prosperity, and somehow, that prosperity passed over Trenton. Not only did it pass over Trenton, but Trenton began to crumble, and continues to crumble. I don't think it's a lost cause; at least I hope not. But we have a lot of clean-up work to do, and Doug HAS to know this, but he's too busy in Hunterdon County, or Florida, or Africa, or at some stupid summit or another, and is unwilling to roll up his sleeves and get to work. We have leaders for a reason: we need them to inspire us. And we are adrift right now, largely because of Doug's lack of interest/inability to do his job.

westwrdguy57 said...

What I meant was everyone deserves at least an abode..not some p/t homeless shelter either. Even a canvas tent in some well managed campground (oh forgot, they aint allowed here!) would be better than the mean streets. But where is the land for a campground in Trenton proper? Only place I can think of is in the outer reaches of the west ward, where Palmer once proposed building 300K plus single family homes. Funny, that was like 5 years ago he said that.

The land I refer to is the long shuttered girl's reform school, or the NJ state Corrections Administration now. Most land there is unused, though. If you think campgrounds are not part of city enviroments, I can prove otherwise. Right now, wish I lived at a campground. With the ridiculous taxes I pay to 'live' here in the 'wild west', I may just opt to. And I'm on a street where many think is a safe area. Maybe, a little...but too many snobs cancel any idea I have of a wonderful place to live. This is only a small enclave (would be nearly invisible on a map of the Allagash wilderness) where night time walks are limited to a few short streets and daytime walks it seems are even becoming risky.

I have thought hard in the past of some solution to the growing homeless population. Many, maybe most, are ill..mentally. This being outdoors in the elements all day long is very stressful and invariably leads to serious physical ailments. The psychiatric hospitals, and not just in NJ, expelled thousands of their non-violent residents a decade or so back. This move was unwise.

Chrissy, I believe you are of the belief that affordable, low income housing perpetuates the cycle of poverty. I don't know for sure if that's altogether the case. Human beings do not belong in shelters, and be dictated when to leave the premises, or to return. Jail is a better option. J/K. Once they do obtain a place to reside some capitalize on their better living conditions and work to improve the whole neighborhood. The tent idea is for those who have very little resources, if any. At least it's an organized plan which gives them a safer enviroment.

Some of these plans mean giving outright, no strings attached, financial aid to the neediest of all. Yes, we can do it. Stop paying these outta this world salaries to people who are not adequately educated and give nothing back. Tenure is a joke, but an expensive one that needs to be stopped, but won't. That principal at the Sherman school and the Twilight school where both are being investigated for tampering with the test scores and curriculums is sickening to read. But, does the only remedy entail running up a tab of close to a million dollars proving it while paying 2 absent principals their full salary? Nice long, very well paid vacations for messing up big time.

I mentioned this before and you responded to me, OMH. That was about the Trentonian bestowing so much praise on the mayor. Just yesterday I saw in Backtalk where the editor stated "get off his back" to a caller's negative comment about Palmer. But the Trentonian editors lean much more to the right. I don't get it. Kinda makes me think, make up your minds as to whom you really do support. Don't vacillate!

Mayor Palmer, claims he's an Independent, and a Democrat. You're right, he has done his share of taking all the Mount Laurel money possible for affordable housing. The NJ Supreme Court ordered that money be distributed among all the towns fairly. Hey, matter fact you are right on about Palmer. He is no leader in tough times. He is charismatic and has let his own people down. The same ones who put him on office time and time again. The blacks in Trenton should be angry. How is he getting around the residency laws when a lot of us know for a fact he does not live here? For the cop who sits in front of Palmer's house.. I know what you are up to there, and it aint to guard a family you know is rarely ever at home. Umm, doesn't that make you a particiapant in breaking the law??

Well, Chrissy and OMH, you are probably correct. It was a tech error. Ehhh, stupid computers and i-phones.

Greg, through his daily columns have enlightened me to many of the problems around town. The columns here I thought were neutral ground, not place to square off.

I'm not a guy who has a bone to pick with any one of the TRAC members. I know none personally. I'm just skeptical over others' true motivations. But sorry to all of them anyway for my ignorance.

Sometimes, because my own upbringing perhaps, my views are not in line with the mainstream and at times, radical. When I stated I was grieving, it's not only for one family member, but I have no, none of my family left but one kid I love with a feverish intensity. This is what happpens one's grandparents are born in the early 1870's.