Tuesday, October 7, 2008

You've got to be kidding me.


Mr. Cleän said...

I am trembling with rage. Trembling.

Anonymous said...

I can’t wait until 2010 when this circus will end. Both these men are a total disgrace and neither deserves to hold public office. I’m rooting for the lawsuit!!! Why does it seem like the mayor is involved in some kindergarten game of appointing another director without the residency requirements. He obviously can’t deal with the fact that he lost before and this is his tantrum/thumbing of nose at the public. The real question of course is why the council approved of this. Just when I thought council was growing a "set" they cave. Along with a TPL change we also new some new council members as shown by this last vote as the majority of them can’t handle taking on this despicable mayor.

Mr. Cleän said...

It appears that Gino "Down Low" Melone has been touched by HizzMajesty King Douglas, and has gone to the dark side, joining long time Palmer suck-ups Cordelia "Dum Dum" Staton, "Prince" Paulie "PowerPoint" Pintella, and Annette "Baggy Pants" Largetigue.

A pox on all of you.

In abstaining, Bethea tacitly voted for the Bradley appointment. Screw you, too.

Trenton (a.k.a. "Camden with a Capitol") is fucked. More today than yesterday.

Chrissy said...

I'm curious what the Palmeristas have dug up on Gino, and possibly Milford, too.

I'd like to keep an open mind...I mean, MAYBE Irv will do okay by the police department, but I honestly don't believe he will. And by continuing the Santiago/Palmer legacy, the citizens get screwed.

Even IF (in the very off chance) he didn't suck so badly, he is STILL an embarrassment to this city, with his lack of residency, and, to me, more importantly, his felony conviction (how many other police directors/police chiefs have THAT on their résumé?) and the fact he was deemed unqualified for his last damn city position. What. The. Fuck.