Thursday, April 22, 2010

Moving Trenton Forward (on a spare tire, maybe)

Glen had a PintellaMobile sighting on his way home from work today. Serendipity! When he spotted it, he headed over to it and got out of his car to get some pictures.

You will notice, as Glen did, that the front passenger side tire is flat.

Is this foreshadowing of the outcome of his campaign?
A warning of what life in Trenton will be like with the Idiot Prince at the helm?
Maybe it sums up his last 16 years in office?
Or, perhaps, all of the above?


No Paul 2010 said...

The Paul mobile was also spotted parked in a well marked fire zone outside of Kat Man Du. Another example of an elected official thinking the law does not apply to him. Shouldn't the public safety of those inside matter to him? It seems he is so busy with self promotion (starting his own Paul Pintella Civic Assoc.)that he can't do his current job and pass a timely well shaved budget.

Anonymous said...

When Paul was told to move the Paul mobile out of the fire zone at Katmandu, it wouldn't start. Just like his campaign. BYE, Paul. Even Doug won't endorse you!

Anonymous said...

ms. clean says: Hahahaha!!!!

New Trenton Mayor 2010 said...

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