Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The opposition

Congratulations and thank you to the band of Trenton residents who opposed the city's attempt to sell the Trenton Water Works. Thank you, too, to that dedicated group for fighting the appellate court's decision, which (confusingly) sided with the city. Today's Supreme Court victory will allow the residents decide the fate of the last money-making asset in the city. The decision sends a message to the outgoing administration and council: we, the constituents of Trenton, are imperfect and may not always agree, but we are not your wards. This is our city, and we have a say.


Can someone provide numbers on how much money the city wasted in this lawsuit against the citizens of Trenton? Should Doug Palmer be held personally responsible for the lawsuits he inspired — and lost — over his 20 years in office?


Change our future now said...

Government of the people, by the people, and for the people, shall not perish in Trenton despite what happens within the confines of City Hall. Congratulations to the residents that fought the good fight. Now we all need to prepare for the upcoming May election and rid City Hall of all those that supported the sale without a referendum and those that sat idly bye and just watched the abuse of the citizens Constitutional right to oppose ordinances that they disagree with. It is time for new innovative leadership. We need a Mayor and Council that respects the residents as a partner in the revitalization of Trenton. It is time that we elect people that appreciate that this is a representative form of government and not the King and his Court. The essence of representative government is for elected office holders to be responsive and accountable to their constituents. Any sitting councilperson (Mr. Segura, Mr. Pintella, Ms. Lartique), seeking election and Mr. Jackson, Mayor Palmer's hand picked director who openly supported the Mayor's position calling for the Water Works sale without permitting the voters to express their will, should step aside now. If a candidate is opposed to letting a democracy work for the benefit of the people whom they wish to serve, then they are unqualified to represent those same people. Let's select a new Mayor who will empower the people and partner with them to move Trenton into a brighter future.

Alli- Food & Water Watch Intern said...

Food & Water watch congratulates the people of Trenton on this victory! We've long been a supporter of publicly controlled water. You can read our press release on this victory at http://bit.ly/NJ_Victory.