Thursday, April 15, 2010

Times tactics

The street was littered with small white bags this morning. Glen said they were everywhere through our neighborhood when he left this morning, and he called me from work because he was curious if anyone had picked them up. I took a walk to the front of our house, and found two off to the side, and could see more dotting the landscape as I looked up the street. There were more near our garage, as well.

I picked up the bags in my immediate vicinity: they had Times logos on them, and within, there was information on how to sign up for home delivery.

Newspapers are working harder to keep and find subscribers in this tough economy. But is the "Hey, Let's Do a Lit-Encased-in-Plastic Dump On The Neighborhoods" the best the Times Think Tank could do? That sort of promotional campaign seems sooooo 19th century, and perhaps that's why the paper of record continues to slip into the abyss. Perhaps the Times Barely of Trenton would have more success with subscriptions if they hadn't gutted their Trenton bureau, and the paper really covered the goings-on in the city, giving local readers a reason to buy it?

We throw away at least two additional large bags of garbage every month, due to all the litter we pick up. So, there's a very good chance that many of my neighbors didn't even notice the newspaper mess this morning. But that doesn't absolve the Times. They should know better.


Old Mill Hill said...

The Mill Hill area has been hit at least twice recently with this same marketing tactic.

I would suggest that we gather up all of these that we can and leave them on the front steps of the Times building on Perry Street.

Then again, who would be going in or out of that building to notice?

Captain Har said...

I pick up on a daily basis, why are the people of Trenton such slobs, have they no self respect??

Chrissy said...

OMH: I held on to our pile, in the hopes I might give them back. I know not too many people pass through those doors anymore, but it might be worth returning them. Let me know -- I'll take them over.

Captain: Now, now. Not EVERYONE is a slob! Just 78,998 or so...