Friday, May 28, 2010

Annoying white people

I looked out the window this afternoon and saw a bunch of white people walking around with printed materials packaged for doorknobs. Large groups of white people in my neighborhood are rare, and because I received two postcards from TrentonYes this week, I thought it was an army of the bastards who want us to sell off our suburban water pipes. If Trenton residents are stupid enough to vote yes on the upcoming Water Works referendum, the only outcome is that some white people — and maybe one outgoing African-American mayor – are just going to get richer off of our collective stupidity. And maybe, collectively, we're too stupid to notice or care.

Anyway, I was wrong about the nature and intent of this particular group of white people. They were representatives from Mercer County Mosquito Control, and we got a door hanger for our front and side door. The undated letter began thusly:

Dear Resident,

Mercer County Mosquito Control will begin operations for the suppression of Asian tiger mosquitos starting April 27, 2010...

Let me stop you there, Mercer County Mosquito Control. The future tense ("will begin") with date that is long gone (April 27, 2010), has left me with a couple questions:

1) Is this a typo? I'm thinking not, because the writer of the letter, Isik Unlu, Entomologist — if I have the correct Isik Unlu, Entomologist — holds a Ph.D., and folks with Ph.Ds tend to be fussy, particularly about grammar. At least the ones I know.

2) Did the entire county get this notice a month late, or only Trenton residents?

The reason why I ask the second question in particular is because last year, we were woken up at 3 a.m. on a few occasions, in the middle and end of SEPTEMBER, by Mosquito Control's loud sprayers and trucks. My hunch, at the time, was that Trenton was the last municipality in Mercer County to receive any attention from the Official Government Mosquito Killers; and we were SO last that any attempts by the OGMK to kill off mosquitos and/or their larvae were pointless because the mosquitos were already dead from cold. The fact that Trenton residents were given door hangers about a mosquito killing program TODAY, a month after the program started, does not bode well that Trenton is top on the list of priorities for this county agency.

I didn't really expect that Trenton would be at the top of the list of priorities; after all, the mere thought of tending Trenton's waterfront and marshy area, with a population that mostly doesn't give a shit about standing water — meaning, we're teeming with mosquito larvae right about now — must be exhausting to the County Mosquito Killers. But at the same time, waiting until September to hit the Hood with some bad-ass mosquitocide can't be the best idea, since we do have so many idiots who don't care about stuff like wrigglers, and since we have so much waterfront property, and some of our skeeters MIGHT make it into the precious suburbs in July. Right? I really don't know. I like the idea of an agency of designated mosquito killers, because I, like the County Mosquito Control representatives, get immense satisfaction out of killing mosquitos. But at the same time, I wonder about this group's relevancy, especially if this agency thinks it's okay to leave 80,000 people exposed all summer long to the very terrors said agency was created to eradicate: West Nile virus, heartworm, Dengue, and more.

So, if someone from County Mosquito Control could let me know when they plan launch an offensive against Trenton's mosquitos, that would be great. In the meantime, I'll be keeping my eyes open for more white people in my neighborhood. Most likely they're drug buyers, but they could be with TrentonYes. I don't expect to see anyone from Mosquito Control again until September. But I hope they prove me wrong.


Captain Har said...

You know those plastic bags that you love so much, well enough standing water can accumulate in them for mosquitoes to breed.

I an telling everyone I know to vote NO on the sale of the water infrastructure. We need to grow the tax base not the Mayor's bank account.

Anonymous said...

Well during my 38 year stay
in the environs of T-Town,
I was more annoyed by the diversity acceptance crowd and those who protected the classes of pimp ass panhandlers and hustlers and dope dealers.
Art and Labor
Aladdin Sarsippius Sulemanagic Jackson III