Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Take the blame, Doug

Hey Doug, be a man and take the blame.

Trenton mayor Doug Palmer should be ashamed of himself for attempting to convince senior citizens yesterday that the massive tax hike was the fault of the small group of residents who fought to prevent the sale of one of the last city assets, the Trenton Water Works' outlying suburban infrastructure. Not only should he be ashamed for attempting to mislead one of society's most vulnerable populations, but he should also be ashamed for not taking the blame for something for which he is clearly responsible. The tax hike is not the fault of those who fought the sale, and I hope logic will prevail, and people will see that it was years and years of wanton spending that brought us to this terrible place. Doug Palmer has the nerve to blame his very own citizens, when he has hired guards and drivers; he wears very expensive suits; has been sued several times (and lost) by his own constituents; has had incredibly wasteful policies over the last 20 years; and has a superfluous, gratuitous, and ego-stroking staff. He has a bigger administration than Newark Mayor Cory Booker has, and Booker runs a city almost 4 times larger than Trenton. Palmer makes a bigger salary than Booker, and does far less, though I suppose it must be very stressful spinning bullshit in his last months in office.

Oh, and he should also be ashamed for not making it clear that the tax increase is just for this tax period, and will go back down.

Plus, how screwed are we if the $80 million we might have made from the sale of the Water Works was our only hope? Totally. That's how screwed we are. Sure, maybe it would have kept our taxes down this year, but then what? We lost our source of revenue; AND with an outside company in charge of our water, our rates would have certainly gone up; AND it will probably take years to dig out of the financial mess that Doug Palmer got us into in the first place. He ran so many good people and businesses out of town, and in their place came drug dealers and losers who don't vote or pay taxes (or often, even their rent!), and yet, are a tremendous burden on our resources.

So when you pay your taxes this quarter, you can thank Doug.


BStarkey said...

I really wish he would make up his mind....is it because of the water deal or is it because of the cuts from the state? Seems to me he has no idea!

Change Agent said...

I can only surmise that poor old Doug has developed some kind of dementia, or perhaps he knows someone that stands to gain a bag full of cash from the TWW sale. Do the present ethics rules prevent Doug from taking a job with American Water? That would certainly be an eye-opener. Just wondering. How else could he stand there, (and his Council remain mum) with a straight face and blame the Water petitioners for the tax problem we are facing. The water petitioners are HEROES. They used their Constitutional rights to object to a short sighted desperate maneuver by a lame duck Mayor and his 7 dwarfs on Council. Doug I only wish you were running for reelection so you could be pummeled. I guess I'll have to settle for drubbing everyone associated with you in the present or past. Maybe then you'll get the message. It ultimately won't matter, as just getting you out of town and electing a new Leader as Mayor and an entirely new Council will allow me to wake up and once again see the hope of a bright new day.