Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tony Mack Needs to Withdraw

A quick note to Tony

Hi Tony,

I still don't know which mayoral candidate I'll vote for on Tuesday. But, I have a list of candidates I won't vote for*, and this week you were definitively added to that list. The reason I'm writing this, though, is because if half of what I'm reading about you is true, and you love Trenton as much as you say you do, you need to withdraw from the race.

I think you should withdraw because of your apparent lack of ability to handle money, and right now, Trenton is looking at a fiscal disaster. We probably won't know the whole story until the new council and administration settles in. The citizens of Trenton were hit with a crippling tax bill last weekend because the outgoing administration and council failed its obligation to balance the budget, and spent money we didn't have, and we taxpayers were left holding the bag. I say "we" taxpayers, but I'm not so sure that includes you, based on the tax records dug up by fellow blogger, Change Agent, and posted on New Trenton Mayor 2010. Do you really owe over $6,000 in delinquent taxes?

Also, in the last 10 days, it's come to light that you couldn't manage a $10 million K-8 school budget in Barrington, Camden County, and were let go for financial incompetence. This comes on top of speculation that you and your campaign manager parted ways over money issues; and then there's the common knowledge that the checks you wrote to the campaign workers who supported your run in 2006, bounced.

Trenton has so much to figure out, but we sit at the edge of a great opportunity — this election — and we could turn our city around in a few years with new leadership. But, come on, man! You know in your heart that you'll be in over your head if you win this election, and you could win this election. However, your inability to deal with money will take us from our current very dark days to the friggin' abyss. You've managed to get away from your other monetary faux pas unscathed, but if you drive this city into hell, we won't let you get away with it.

So, Tony, please. Save yourself, and like I said, if you love this city, save us, too. Withdraw.

Yours in a better Trenton,
Christine Ott


* Paul "The Idiot Prince" Pintella does not get my vote either, definitively. He should withdraw, too, but he does not love Trenton enough to do so. He should be ashamed for the missing Urban League money, the forgery, as well as an utter lack of accomplishments while serving on Council. He has no business running for mayor.

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