Thursday, June 10, 2010


The city of Trenton would do well with more people like Kesner Dufresne, an intelligent and thoughtful young man who wanted to represent the East Ward on city council; though he lost the election, he pledged his continued involvement. He had hope for Trenton, and wanted to be part of positive change. But he died last night in his Villa Park home. He was only 35.

I didn't know him well: we ran into each other at various East Ward meetings and functions in the last year, and I was taken by his compassion, his quiet strength, and his ability to ask pertinent questions. We had a lively email exchange prior to the election, and planned to meet for coffee. I'm sorry that didn't happen.

We needed Kesner. My condolences to his family and girlfriend. He left us too soon.


Captain Har said...

Kesner Dufresne and I met on several occasions, he was genuine and intelligent and wanted only to help the city of Trenton. He was to be a Committeeman in the East Ward for the Democratic Party. I want the Extend the Condolences of the East Ward Democratic Club as well as The Trenton Municipal Democratic Committee to Kesner's family

Mr. Clean said...

In a city where you're either part of the problem or part of the solution, Mr. Dufresne was definitely the latter. Rest in peace.