Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Some quick updates

Last week, I volunteered to work in the city's sign shop; I was told there's a critical vacancy, which may be the same thing as a hiring freeze; I'm not sure. Either way, the result is that our city, in dire need of various signs, is going without. I haven't heard anything yet from James Allen (Assistant Director of Public Works) or Eric Jackson (Director of Public Works) yet, but perhaps this week I will. Mr. Jackson is likely busy with the election recount* and hopefully Mr. Allen is busy filling the critical vacancies in the street surfaces around the city.


I also have a happy update on the kittens born in my backyard. It turns out one of the goopy-eyed furballs has lived. I saw it late last week, just sitting there, dopey, in the middle of yard. It may seem ridiculous, but after burying two of its siblings, seeing it sitting there was one of the best things I've seen in a very long time. It's a cute fluffy black one, and I have no idea what the kitten's gender is, but the last two fluffy black cats born in the vicinity were female, so I'll assume for now this one is too. She seems to be quite healthy and playful, and her eyes seem all better. In addition, one of the above mentioned fluffy black cats also had kittens and brought them into our yard — so there are two more: a little fluffy white one, and a little fluffy gray one.

I've said before that more cats in the yard are not good, but dead kittens in the yard are far worse. I've heard from a couple of really helpful people about my cat issue, so I'm hoping we can get this batch of kittens rounded up and sterilized, along with a number of other adult cats in the coming weeks. I'll admit, the cat problem is emotionally draining for me, and I don't really consider myself that much of a cat person, despite the copious evidence to the contrary. Of all my difficulties in Trenton, it is definitely the most agonizing. The problems with people that we've had, in general, make me angry, rather than scared, or sad; I think that's partially because I believe that people — regardless of their upbringing or circumstances — can decide to better their lives for themselves. If others are there to help — and there are people willing to lend a hand here — it makes that challenging task a bit easier. With people, it boils down to free will, something the cats in our neighborhood don't have. I've seen the shelter on Escher Street; it's motivation to do what we can in our own backyard.

 A fluffy white kitten and her mama.


* I've heard and read a lot of people saying how Jackson should just concede this election, but in the case of such a close election (we're talking fewer than 5 votes), I think he owes it to himself and his supporters to make sure every vote is counted, especially when the other two guys headed for the run-off are slightly shady and slightly stupid. Which is which? You decide.


Anonymous said...

You need Bubbles in your back yard.

Chrissy said...

Indeed. He'd show me how set up Kittyland properly.