Sunday, June 6, 2010

TrentonYes/American Water = Bastards

It's a hot day, and from my window, I can see my neighbor fanning herself on her porch, with the latest in a series of propaganda pieces from the TrentonYes bastards. The TrentonYes bastards are trying to get the ridiculously few voters in Trenton to agree to sell off the Trenton Water Works pipes that service the neighboring suburbs. No offense of course, but it's my hope that the ridiculously few voters who manage to get off their asses on Tuesday, June 15*, are not the sort who are swayed by glossy, expensive printing; and it's my hope that the TrentonYes bastards do not resort to handing out Target gift cards, because we know those sorts of tactics have worked to move the masses, at least in the short-term, here in Trenton. After all, who doesn't love Target?

Target gift cards and glossy postcards stink of desperation, don't you think? TrentonYes/American Water bastards know we're sitting on a gold mine, and since they have far better management than we've had at our city's helm, the TrentonYes people will know how to make some sweet coin off those pipes. That sweet coin will come not only at the expense of our future, but also at the expense of our neighbors in the suburbs, many of whom erroneously think the goings-on of the hood do not concern them. Perhaps they'll think differently when they wind up facing fairly substantial, and regular water rate increases, courtesy of American Water.

Trenton is screwed  in the short term, whether or not we sell off any part of the Water Works. But I hate the slick, slimy, deceitful advertising on behalf of the TrentonYes bastards. Are they really trying to convince me that if this sale doesn't go through, we'll be any worse off than we already are? The streets will become any less safe? The schools will become any worse? Ha ha ha! We're already at rock bottom, and the way I see it from here, we might as well hang on to the one thing we actually own, especially if it can generate revenue for us.

Of course, with so many years of idiotic leadership in our immediate past, and perhaps, sadly, some more on the horizon, we have our work cut out for us. We need to maintain ownership of the pipes to help us keep taxes down, to help us pay the salaries of city employees, and maybe, someday, if we get the right people in charge, we can even turn a profit, without gouging the residents in the suburbs.

My neighbor has taken a temporary break from fanning herself, and is holding the postcard upside down. The postcard is oversized and sturdy, and makes a good fan. It's too bad I've already thrown mine away. I'm sweating.

The proposed sale of the suburban pipes is a one time gimmick to plug a horrific financial geyser that's about to explode on us, courtesy of His Majesty, Douglas Hunterdon Palmer's mismanagement over the last 20 years. Palmer and his group of puppets on council failed in their responsibility to balance our budget; they probably don't even know what a budget IS. The proposed sale is short-sighted and might slow the bleeding temporarily. But we need the revenue from those pipes — as well as competent leadership — to help us dig out of our mess. Without the income from the pipes, it will be so much more difficult to ease the suffering in this city.

Vote NO on the Public Question #1.


* I received a sample ballot in the mail on Thursday, but it's for House of Representatives/County Clerk/Freeholder/Local Committeepeople; that election is June 8. It seems counterproductive, wasteful, and just annoying that Trenton can't hold its runoff/referendum election on the same day. WTF? I'm sure there's a good reason for it, but it's still stupid.


Anonymous said...

Preach on, brother. Anyone unlucky enough to fall under the American Water thumb will soon realize their mistake...

Anonymous said...

do you know who is funding TrentonYES? why do they have so much money for tv and other ads? is it the water company that wants to buy it? i am voting no.

Chrissy said...

Hi Anonymouses!
#1: great site. I've passed it along to the other haters I associate with.
#2: I believe TrentonYes is part of American Water, New Jersey American Water in particular. They're a German company. They have so much money because they view water like oil – a for-profit enterprise. Once they gain control over municipal water systems, they raise rates, and then they'll ask the board of public utilities if they can raise rates again, and the BPU tends to side with big business. It seems once municipalities give up their water, they regret it. Their advertising money comes from ratepayers in the unfortunate towns who pay AW.

Chrissy said...

Hi again. I just found out American Water is no longer owned by the German company -- they spun off last year. The fact that American Water is actually American doesn't make them any more or less douchey. I just wanted to get the facts right.

Also, be sure to check out some of the other local anti-sale sites, as well as some of the more involved bloggers:

Captain Har said...

I wonder what the turn out will be like? Is it possible for those that oppose the bill can have challengers to check for voting irregularities?