Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What a mess

There's a lot of voting here in Trenton lately. Today I voted in the primary. On the way to Hedgepeth-Williams, my polling place, I thought it might be fun to play "which one of these things doesn't belong" with Matthew, except he's not quite old enough for that game, and, very quickly it became obvious that there's more wrong than right with the grounds of the local school. Primarily, there's litter everywhere, but there's more than that. Now, I'm no saint: it is an effort to keep our property free of litter, and if we don't perform a litter patrol every 12 hours, it builds up, and most of it is courtesy of the kids walking to and from Hedgepeth-Williams. But, unlike the school, we don't have a staff, and we're just a couple of haters, not an institution.

Like I said, the litter caught my eye right away, but it's the type of litter that's really distressing. There was an empty box of condoms, right by the side entrance! A pillow top mattress. A wooden board. Some large stones. High weeds near the parking lot. Dead grass most everywhere else. There was fast food and junk food debris scattered everywhere. My toddler and I had to step out of the way of a middle school boy running out of a vehicle with a gigantic, full, McDonald's bag, into the school. There was also an abandoned scooter, and a dead crow. Crows are scavengers and are likely drawn to the school by the volume of trash surrounding it, and possibly the misery within it, but is anyone still worried about West Nile?'

I'm sure kids are taught to litter at home. But perhaps if the city enforced its ordinances, the school wouldn't look so bad. Here are some photos. They really don't do the mess justice.


Captain Har said...

Chrissy, it is my main peeve with the citizens and for that fact non citizens of the city of Trenton. Trenton has so many take out restaurants and not enough trash receptacles, not that the trash would find its way there.By the way I was over at the school today to vote for myself, at 10:30 only 3 people voted in district 4.

Chrissy said...

We could probably use some more trash cans, Captain. I think the problem is bigger than that. In some communities, children are taught/shown that it's wrong to litter; that's not happening here -- at least not on a big scale (not everyone does it, but it doesn't take many litterers to make a mess). Also, I'm not sure why more kids aren't eating school breakfasts and lunches (or better yet, at least eating breakfast at home); they choose chips and Hug instead.

But more trash cans would help, for sure. It's a start.

I'm in East 6; at least one person voted before I did, because there was an imprint on the page I had to sign. I went in around 12:30. But most of the election workers were nearly asleep; a few of them didn't even bother to look up when we walked in, but that's a story for a different time. The worker who signed me in was friendly, though disappointed about the turn-out, and concerned that next week's election might see even fewer people. I hope not.

Mr. Clean said...

Litterbugs should be electrocuted on sight.