Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Resign, Tony. Please.

I said I wouldn't give Mayor Tony Mack a hard time until he had a chance to prove himself, and unfortunately he's doing so in all the wrong ways. I don't want to cover ground that's already been covered (Kevin Moriarty and Old Mill Hill have both summed up the mayor's egregious failings since taking office), so I'm just going to ask the mayor to resign. We'd be better off if Toonces the Driving Cat were steering the city. I requested that he pull out of the mayoral race a couple of months ago if he really loved Trenton, since back then he was only delinquent on his taxes, and taking campaign contributions from a convicted child rapist, and was recently fired for mishandling a school district's money. But the fact he didn't pull out of the race was an indicator that the mayoral position was about power, and not love of home. Those missteps are small beans compared to what he's doing now. Has Trenton not sunk low enough without the Mayor hiring felons, sneakily firing people while they're out to lunch, bringing in his cronies to positions the city doesn't need despite the financial chasm about to swallow us, letting extremely qualified volunteers walk out the door, and claiming to not understand how his own residence might possibly be listed on the sheriff's sale?

Those on the outside are probably laughing, claiming we got what we asked for. After all, the majority of voters, including me, put Tony Mack in office. I will say I pulled the level under duress and confusion: I went into the booth with no idea of how I'd vote, and had a fussy toddler with me, and I was baffled as to why the write-in side was taped over. No excuse, I know. But, I don't think voting mistakes are unforgivable: we've all voted for candidates who've let us down, though perhaps none so much as Tony Mack.

I am tired of feeling embarrassed by Trenton, especially because of what the leadership does; I'm tired of feeling embarrassed by Trenton, because of what the leadership DOESN'T do. It hurts me that we've come to accept garbage as the norm. We cannot afford to sink any lower. Mack must resign, and if he doesn't, Trenton residents need to stand together to see to his removal. We need a fresh start without ego; we need real direction and leadership. That may come in the form of a state takeover. I'm not fond of that idea, but the city is surely headed over the cliff otherwise.


Anonymous said...

I am sick of being ashamed to tell people I live in Trenton.

I am sick of apologizing to out-of-town visitors for where I live.

I am sick of what my fellow Trentonians readily accept from their elected officials.

I am sick of the people who suggest that Mack deserves a few "mulligans," just because he looks like them, and is local "talent."

Sick, sick, sick. Beautiful Trenton, my ass.

Captain Har said...

Chrissy where do I sign my name on the recall petition? I am embarrassed to tell people I live in Trenton, I haven't made anywhere the salaries that Mack has made and I have never once been late on a payment for anything. This guy needs to go now. Somewhere deep inside I was hoping he would find the leadership quality that this city needs, but it looks like it is not to be. He makes you wish Palmer was back and that is pretty bad.