Tuesday, September 7, 2010

...In honor, glory rest

Many of our quality of life issues have improved over the last few months. Summer here was downright suburban, and I'm glad: I don't feel like dealing with the behavioral issues anymore. A beautiful weekend wrapped up our quiet summer, and Glen, Matty, Steve and I walked around the neighborhood a lot. We noticed such a bizarre blend of the beautiful and much improved, alongside the shameful and dilapidated. I hate to be negative, but this post will show off some of the problem areas in my part of the east ward, in the hopes we can fix this place up. Right now, I hear some hammering and sawing and weedwacking down the street, which feeds my optimism.

Why are so many of the cables like these here in Trenton?

Playground at Villa Park.

House on Hamilton Avenue; most of the cars do not have plates, but they have an attack dog to protect them.

We have a mail relay box like this one on our corner. It was the bane of my existence for several years, until I decided to plant flowers around it and/or the neighborhood douchebaggery decided to sit elsewhere. Ours was covered with graffiti for quite awhile, and it took A LOT of energy to get the post office out to paint it back in 2005. The post office came out again a few weeks ago to repaint all these boxes, and this one, on the corner of Cuyler and Gladstone, on the grounds of the Hedgepeth-Williams School, must have been painted in a rush, or by a blind person. Green spray everywhere. So thoughtful that the post office would do that in front of a school.

It's no wonder the post office doesn't give a shit about how its mailboxes look on school property in Trenton. The schools couldn't really look any worse. Here, we contemplate the sidewalk ahead, grateful that Glen put some air in the tires of the wagon.

I love u Kristie.

Sewer or trash can? Here, BOTH!

Cuyler and Farragut.

My own front yard is weedy, and I often fret over what the neighbors might think. But no more. These folks must be a big fan of all things green as they used string to hold back the "flora," instead of just mowing the lawn.

Diane's clothing, on the side of her house. Diane passed away suddenly this spring, and her children and second husband have been locked in a vicious and very public battle for her things. Diane had a lot of things. During one of their epic fights, there was a car accident in front of their house, and it caused substantial damage to the fence and property. The police tape is still there in tatters, but nothing has been done to fix the place; and Diane's kids keep throwing her stuff out onto the sidewalk and into the alley, without a care for the rest of the neighbors.


Miss Karen said...

At the last Villa Park Civic Association meeting, someone volunteered to clean up the weeds around the memorial. I guess that person was away for the weekend. I'm giving her another week and then I'm doing it myself. They're also trying to get a water hookup over there so that there's a way to water the flowers that sometimes get planted there.

Chrissy Ott said...

Karen, it's difficult to see because of the angle of this photo, but someone (perhaps not the person who volunteered at the meeting??) started the task of weeding, maybe a day or two before I took the photo. The weeds were left in the sidewalk. I have a few other photos that show the pile of weeds better, and can email them or post them if you're interested.

I can donate a few sun-loving plants to the cause, if you need. They might even help keep the weeds down.