Thursday, September 16, 2010


I spend a good deal of time complaining about Trenton; I do it because I love this city, and know we should be better. However, in the midst of the stupid politics, loud neighbors, and failed schools, there are plenty of wonderful things happening in Trenton, and that's thanks to many of people here. One of the cool things going on right now — thanks to the dedicated people who advocate for this city, and because of the great people who live here — is that the StoryCorps mobile booth is here in Trenton, recording stories of gloriously average residents. I know we have some good stories to tell.

StoryCorps is one of my favorite radio shows: it's a collection of short, oral histories that are preserved at the Library of Congress. I tend to download the podcasts and listen to a pile of them at a time, and usually wind up coming away exhilarated, although many of the stories are quite sad. Life is precious and so very good, and this show is a reminder of that.

The StoryCorps booth is parked between the State Library and the State Musuem; you'll need to make a reservation to record your story. Trenton, I'm looking forward to hearing your stories.

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Anonymous said...

Trenton refugee in South Dakota

I miss bald fat and angry,...
They should get some stories off him