Thursday, October 14, 2010

A letter to the governor

Dear Governor Christie,

The City of Trenton has squandered much of its gift money from the state (and federal) government over the years that it may not make sense — at face value — to send anything else our way. I understand that. But I'm also a good citizen in one of the better neighborhoods in the East Ward; we have a few problem homes here, but lately — thanks to the cooperative efforts of committed activists and the police — we've been able to stabilize the neighborhood, and we've even seen some positive changes. Our new mayor, who admittedly inherited a damaged city, continues to hurt us more with his every decision. One of those decisions is to lay off a large number of police officers. It hasn't happened yet, but the news has sent ripples through the department, and good officers are leaving while they can. This city and my neighborhood are going to be negatively affected by the reduction of police officers on our streets, and personally, it troubles me because I've invested so much time in helping to make my neighborhood a better place.

If there is anything you can do by way of state aid or executive power to keep our police department intact, you will be helping the decent, law-abiding residents of the city, along with the families of scores of police officers, and that might be enough to make a huge, long-lasting, positive impact on neighborhoods like mine. Saving our police department will be money well-spent over the long haul; yet another blighted hole in this already wounded city will cost us so much more over the years in wasted lives, time, effort, and money.

Please help us.

Christine Ott

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Captain Har said...

Chrissy maybe we should start a petition, although I don't think it will phase Christie because he has a political score to keep with Mercer County in general.