Wednesday, October 27, 2010


We've been operating here in Trenton without our neighborhood libraries for several months now, but we're finally on the precipice of finding out if they can reopen. I hope they do: libraries are a mark of a civilized culture, and Trenton has lost enough already.

Chances are you've heard or read about the volley between the library director, Kimberly Matthews and the mayor's office; on Monday, the mayor's office went public with the exchange and issued a bizarrely written 2-page press release. Sure, this raised questions; namely: how can the mayor guarantee the money to the library without a) agreeing to the amount, and b) putting that amount in writing?

But for me, there are other pressing issues:
1) Is Lauren Ira really making $83,600?
Laura Ira is Mack's spokeswoman, and she should be ashamed that her name is on that convoluted press release. I'm sure working for someone like Mack is confusing, but she gets paid the big bucks to digest the madness so it makes sense for all of us dummies. I'd be happy to do her job for free*, and though I don't imagine Mack would keep me for more than an hour or so.

2) How is it that Mack cleaned house when he took office, and removed several effective and respected people from their departments; created a complete circus with the firing of former deputy clerk (and former councilwoman) Cordelia Staton; and lined up just shy of 400 city employees — including cops, firefighters, and inspectors — for the firing squad, yet failed to ask the Library's board of trustees to resign? Tony! Hello! You're missing an opportunity for some more theatrics! It's not like the current board has done much to help the library system in Trenton, though, I'm not sure if whatever Mack makes of the mess will be better, based on his current track record.


* I offered to work for free in the city's sign shop earlier this year, but never heard back from anyone. I suspect I won't hear back from Mack on my offer to work with him on press relations either, even though I can save the city $83+k. I have all the wrong friends.


Miss Karen said...

My absolute favorite part is that instead of replacing the board, he announced he would be forming a "community based task force for Trenton libraries," and anyone interested could call him to get on the task force. What the hell is that?

And yes, that press release was one of the most confusing and worst-written public statements I've ever seen, aside from everything L.A. Parker has ever written.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Board of Trustees need to get rid of people who can't balance their own corporate checkbook because they refuse to pay for services rendered for the Trenton International Jazz and Blues festival how can they balance the library budget if they refuse to pay for services rendered. IT'S TIME TO PAY UP, AND GET RID OF People with no integrity and who have no credibility.Its time for a CHANGE and hire people with moral character!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The Board of Trustees for the Trenton Library is a joke. You have people sitting on the board that know they have no credibility and should pay performers at their time of service, and instead wrote checks that did not clear at the bank and are still awaiting payment in (FULL) for their services.

How can you expect a budget to get passed and bills to be paid if there are no morals, credibility, and values of these individuals.

The Board of Trustees should watch out before funds get embezzeled and there is no one to answer for these funds because someone had bills to pay for a crime that they have committed. Think about it, the people who use the library for legitimate purposes and the Citizens of the City of Trenton deserve accountability and responsibility from these Board Members.

Time to dismantle the Board of Trustees and get Honest people working for the City of Trenton Libraries.