Thursday, November 4, 2010

Embarrassment isn't all bad

There's a reason why people urinate (and worse) on the grounds of city hall

I'm a little uptight. I've always been that way. My sister found a picture of our family, and my mother was goofing off in the picture. I was about 10 at the time, and I looked mortified. I've lightened up a tad over the years, and, a few times, I've acted without restraint, probably while I was in college, or shortly thereafter. But mostly, the fear of embarrassment continues to motivate me. I wish I could chill out a bit more, because I could see how it could be immensely satisfying to, say, mouth off to a lousy cashier, or curse at all the other drivers, all the time, or even just act really, really silly in public.

My concern, though, if I began to do those things, is that I'd start to flaunt the rules of society. I need a clear line, or perhaps, I'd stop paying my bills. I'd answer the door the way my husband does (and you know how that is if you've come over, or have been reading this blog). Maybe I'd make a scene if asked to do the very things everyone else in our society is expected to do. I would be above the pesky, annoying laws and rules of society.

I clearly have issues, but all the same, I wish some of our local officials were motivated by the fear of burning embarrassment and the judgment of others, A LITTLE BIT. Just a little bit. Without that ability to feel embarrassment, it's really frigging easy to cross over into the land of amorality. Our new mayor continues to make crazy misstep after crazy misstep, without the "burden" of worrying about what we, the people in his care, think. A judge he appointed to enforce the rules of society upon us, is, herself, so above us that she thinks she need not pay the fee to keep her license, or submit to the background check before taking office, or even pay her personal bills. I'm sure both Tony Mack and the honorable (?) Renee Lamarre Sumners occasionally do the right thing in life, because, well, that happens sometimes when you just don't give a shit.

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Captain Har said...

The missteps of the Mack administration never ceases to amaze me. Hasn't he ever heard of the process call "vetting"? Is it that important to give your friends political patronage jobs with out checking their qualifications or must I swallow some more brown water? There are African American attorneys in Trenton that are more qualified to sit on the bench and have clean backgrounds. Mr Mayor you make it embarrassing for me to tell people I am from Trenton. Either step up or step aside