Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy Tragedy Day?

There's been some buzz around here about how Mayor Tony Mack blew off reporters yesterday, and my initial thought was that it was nothing new — it's pretty much just the Trentonian reporting on the city, and the mayor has shown no signs of intelligence when dealing with the press, anyway. So I didn't get around to checking out the video until this morning.

Holy moly. It was the Trentonian to post the video, but it shows Mack with a sizable squad of reporters, including those from the TV news (NJN, ABC, and PVI), asking him about the arrest of his brother, Muscles Davis, during the county's raid of Trenton Water Works earlier this week.

In the video, Mack wanders about the lobby of City Hall with a peaceful, yet moronic, look on his face, wishes the group a "happy Pearl Harbor Day" (huh?), and warmly pats NJN's Jim Hooker on the back.

The reasons Mack is tailed by the reporters are worth mentioning, but the other local bloggers (namely, Kevin Moriarty), along with the media (namely, the Trentonian) have done a great job outlining Mack's string of failures and questionable actions so very early in his term. I just am really tired of the public relations nightmare I endure when friends and relatives demand to know why the hell I still live in Trenton. I noticed a couple members of Mack's posse milling about in the background of the video: you idiots actually get paid to put a positive spin on the city and the mayor. Can you try, for the love of god, to keep Tony from wandering around with the peaceful/moronic look when reporters are around? Can you encourage him to not tell journalists they have the wrong number when they call him? Can you write one coherent, if bullshit sentence, for him to use when approached by the press? Here, let me help you with that:

"Good to see you [insert name of reporter here]. I have no comment on that at this time. Thank you."

That one's on the house, losers. You're welcome.


I went to the Recall Workshop on Monday night. The meeting was very informative, and attended by a cross-section of city residents with varying opinions on recalling an elected official here in Trenton. The state does not encourage this action on the part of the citizens, and makes it very difficult under state law. If you were unable to attend the meeting on Monday, and you're interested to learn more, there will be a YouTube video posted in the near future, and in the meantime, you can read the slides here. In the meantime, Tony Mack, I hope you take this to heart and resign. Thanks.


Bobby said...

Great post. "happy pearl harbor day" is like saying "Happy 9/11 day" it's an oxymoran sort of like our elected officials. lol

Anonymous said...

chleutenwhat a disaster. all while the mayor's PR flak/defacto chief of staff lauren ira walks in front of him doing nothing and saying even less as he gets grilled. embarrasing.

Kevin said...

Great post! Things are getting weirder and weirder, aren't they?

Thanks for the shout-out, and for coming to Monday's session

Anonymous said...

Keep up the great posts. Thanks for staying on the front lines. Well after taking a few months off and trying to give the Mayor an opportunity to show his stuff, the honeymoon is over. We at New Trenton Mayor 2010 cannot take it anymore. We are back up and posting and pleading, begging, imploring Tony Mack to just go!!! Resign, who cares where he goes. Keep posting, we will assist with all the info and pressure we can apply.

Mister Clean said...

Ha. "Good to see you [insert name of reporter here]. I have no comment on that at this time. Thank you."

Doesn't Lauren "Next Question" Ira get $80K/year to teach the Small Blunder this stuff?

And you did it for free. You are too kind.