Friday, February 4, 2011

The Man-Child's Growing Pile of Rejects

I did not make any contributions to Tony Mack's election campaign; on the contrary, I asked him to take himself out of the running; and, after that sad day in July, I called for him to resign. I think Trenton was going to hit the wall without Tony Mack's interference (thanks, Doug Palmer! And, oh yeah, the economy), but Tony has put us on a warp-speed collision course with that brick wall, because, let's face it: Tony Mack is a very special kind of moron: egotistical, stubborn, petty, small-minded, disloyal, selfish, and self-destructive.

I'm not the sort of gal who makes political donations, but that's in part because I haven't had much work this last year. You didn't ask, but right now I have less than $30 in my bank account. But, hey! that's ALMOST enough to buy 30 houses in the east ward at the price Tony was asking! I love this city so much that I'd be willing to buy just 10 houses with my $30, which is 3 times the amount SR Development Enterprises was going to pay per property, before they got caught up in Tony's tangled web of bullshit, questionable finances, and ethics violations. I've landed a bit of work, and when my next check comes in, I'd gladly pony up the rest of the money for all the available houses on Walnut Avenue, and/or East State Street, if Tony is still naming the price and the defining the development district.*

I'm sure my offer** will fall on deaf ears, not so much because I've called Tony "Happy Pearl Harbor Day" Mack a moron, but because he is a moron and — oh yeah — a man-child. He summarily dismisses all offers from the good, smart citizens of Trenton, choosing instead to surround himself with other morons and toadies (making him King of the Sycophantic Morons); and it's apparent he'll only deal with those who have made contributions to his election efforts (Hi there, Lloyd Levenson!). All you morons, toadies, and favor-seekers shouldn't get too cozy. Let the angry, growing pile of discards (containing, but not limited to, a police director and former friend who found out he was fired from The Trentonian, a deputy clerk fired while she was on her lunch break, an unqualified judge, a directorial appointee to the office of Housing and Economic Development with a criminal record, and a cornucopia of business administrators, one of whom was working for free) be your guide to Tony Mack. You think it can't be you in that writhing pile of Mack rejects? Think again.

We've been calling for a more transparent government in Trenton, and it looks like we got it.


* You may wonder what I'd do with those properties. I wonder, too. Mostly, I would not open them up to low-income tenants, though I have nothing against poor people (since I am currently repping the underprivileged myself). I think I might repeatedly ram my truck into some of the properties until they fell down.

** I also offered to work in the city's sign shop and as Tony's spokeswoman, for free. I never heard back.


Piney Prince said...

Excellent column .... thank you!

mavi said...

Sooo refreshing !
Very satisfiying to hear all these adjectives of Mack