Friday, March 18, 2011

Yay! Who's a big boy?!?!?

"Look, Mommy! I brushed my teeth all by myself!
And, I balanced the budget!"


Mister Clean said...


Old school E.Trenton said...

ahhhaaa-now that is funny as hell! I don't usually get into these political blogs or any blogs at all as a matter of fact but this one caught me off guard as I know Tony Mack! Tony is a good dude as a person now as the Mayor of Trenton that's a different story unless you call being absent from post good; He shouldn't expect a pat on the back for solving the financial crisis of the city because it's his job and he's tardy!

Anonymous said...

Are you psychic? Did you know that he'd be standing on a riser during the state of the city address when you posted this????