Wednesday, June 8, 2011


My friend, Megan, took three sickly kittens from my backyard today (two pictured above), and she is probably right now up feeding them with an eyedropper. Their eyes are in rough shape: one has two bulging eyes, completely closed and crusted over. Another one only has one eye like that. The other just has oozing eyes, but has a few open sores on her brand new body. They go to the vet tomorrow, and we're hoping for good news. Hopefully these little guys will grow strong and will get adopted.

Politics in this town are mindboggling, but my experience with the animals is just heartbreaking, and hands down the worst part of living in the city for me. There just seems to be no end to shitty conditions for companion animals. We've been here 7 years, and we've come across countless stray, feral, and abandoned animals. All of our indoor cats are city strays (though one came from Camden); Steve the dog was tossed out into the streets and came to us in 2008. Someone hopped the fence of the abandoned property next to us and dumped a pit bull. We called Animal Control to get him. I have no particular fondness for that type of dog, but the fear in his eyes is never far from my mind. We don't know what happened to him. We've found domestic rabbits. But it's the cats — the endless cats — that get to me the most...and I never considered myself a cat person.

I care because they're in my yard. I care because they're supposed to be domestic, companion animals. We made them, and we have failed them. You may say "who cares?" and, that's fine. But there's a link between unsuccessful governments and abandoned animals: these governments cannot properly govern their people, so of course the non-human life forms suffer even more than the citizens. I'm not doing nearly enough for the cats in my yard, and it kills me.

I'm not sure what to do about the people who kick animals out of their homes. I'm not sure what to do about little assholes who run their big strong dogs without leashes, who encourage the dogs to kill other smaller animals. I have no idea how to change the minds of those who think dog fighting is cool. I cannot imagine — no matter how I try — the utter depravity those people must have been subjected to to make them act the way they do toward animals.

Glen and I care for nearly 20 cats currently, between our own and the strays in the neighborhood (in case you're wondering, our indoor cats are sterilized and so are several of the outdoor ones: there's just no end to animal abandonment, and I suppose the cats can smell the suckers). You may wonder how we do that. It's difficult and financially draining.

Maybe you don't have a cat. Or maybe you only have one or two. Maybe you are so sick and tired of listening to me bitch about my cat situation. I know you can help, and I'd be so grateful if you could take a kitten or two, or maybe one of the mama cats. I can hook you up with so many wonderful resources so it's not a hardship at all, and it will mean everything to the individual/s you take home with you.

Click to enlarge. And, Trenton TNR's contact info is:; (978) 228-5239


Anonymous said...

Trenton TNR does great work, hopefully they can help you with controlling your "colony"! And thanks for helping helpless animals in Trenton.

Captain Har said...

My cat Mr Cleo, was an abandoned cat.He has been with me now for 5 years. He was a little wild at first and had some vet issues but a Little money and some care he has turned into a great companion. In the summer he is mostly an outside cat and in the winter he is indoor. He has been fixed and his immunizations are up to date so I don't hesitate to let him outdoors. He prefers to do his business outside, even in the winter.

Chrissy Ott said...

A sad epilogue: I heard from Megan this morning and the kitties were too sick to save.