Wednesday, November 2, 2011


You are eviscerated, speeding on a gurney through the emergency department, to the operating room, where a team of doctors and nurses will put you back together. They will save your life.

At least in the short term.

In the days that follow, you clean up the blood, rest, tend your wounds, and re-evaluate your life. The doctors and nurses told you that you cannot live as you did, or you will die.

It's hard to change. So hard.

It's me on that gurney. And, this is you on that gurney, Trenton Resident. We are hanging on by threads. Our fear or apathy — or even criminal lifestyle — are killing us. Our choices have not been good ones.

But we can change.



We are in the homestretch of the first stage — signature gathering — of the efforts to recall Trenton Mayor Tony Mack. He, and his cronies, are part of our old lives. It's easy to not answer the knock on the door; it's easy to not stop in at Recall Headquarters on your travels. It would be easy to give Tony another chance. But he will destroy Trenton. It's not all his fault, but his cognitive impairments and lack of heart are more than we can take. We cannot endure any more selfishness, ineptitude, or idiocy. We are bleeding to death.

Those involved in the Recall Effort come from diverse backgrounds, and have a host of skills. Collectively, they are the equivalent of triage doctors and nurses in the political realm. The Recall Effort — with your support — will get Trenton on its legs again. A second chance. What happens next is up to you.

Please sign the petition if you live in Trenton. The quality of your life does indeed depend on it. If you live outside the city, please don't forget about your ties to Trenton.


Anonymous said...

I wish you luck. Is your Lalor St office consistently manned during normal business hours? No firebombing; promise!

Chrissy Ott said...

Hi there Anonymous. Thanks for reading. Not sure if your intentions are honorable or not, but I'm an optimist, so I'll assume they are. We're doing our best to man HQ during normal business hours, but right now the push is foot patrol for signatures. I'll be there this evening, though, in case you want to stop by. No firebombing, please. Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

You guys are all sore losers. You would do better for the city if you spent your time and effort to read a book to a kid in need. Or spend some time at one of the city centers after school. You are wasting your time we know Mayor Mack is doing a good job.

Anonymous said...

You may want to know that Mack, through his thugs, has directly threatened the careers of city employees that sign the petition. He's a gangster & a thug without honor and he needs to go immediately!
You have to amputate a leg sometimes to save the patient. Mack is the leg....time to amputate!

Signed Petition said...

Spread the word!

Chrissy Ott said...

Hi Anonymous #2. Thanks for stopping by. Your comment made me chuckle. "Sore losers?" How so, if the game is still on? Also, many people involved in the recall effort DO help out others in need in the city; but those who don't are just as entitled to a functional, intelligent government, which we do not have, because Tony is dysfunctional, and cognitively impaired. Oh yeah, I'm typing this from Recall HQ, and 50+ signatures JUST came in, and two of them -- that I know of -- were newly registered voters. Tonight, we're deploying crews around the city to get more signatures. We're not in this to lose, and it isn't over. We have a way to go to meet our goal, but it's totally DOABLE. We're able to do it, because Tony is, in fact, NOT doing a good job, and thousands and thousands of people agree with us.

Anonymous #3: thank you for your support, despite the risks and challenges. I'm on the committee and we're keeping a tight lid on the petitions. No one will see them until we're sure we have enough signatures, and have turned them in to the clerk. So Tony and his thugs have no proof; when they do, it will be too late for Tony to retaliate.

Signed Petition: Beautiful. Thank you. Consider the word spread!

Anonymous said...

I'll be manning a signature site at Macks next town hall propaganda time waster. Keep up the great work Recall Committee! Remember, most battles are won in the final minutes. Remember now, we DID get rid of Santiago by going door to door. AND, we saved the waterworks by going door to door. Right always wins the big fights. Let's do this Trenton! We are at the tipping point.

Anonymous said...

You're doing a good job, Chrissy, hang in there. You and the committee are awesome! Keep fighting for what you believe in. The atmosphere is right, RIGHT NOW!

Anonymous said...

No no no! No firebombing! It's just that ousting inept politicians must take a lot of energy; a couple of gratis pizzas might help.

Hang in there!